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Active tweeter Amy Firmani took some time out to talk to us about her preparations for her forthcoming home swap trip around Europe and why she's a home sharing convert. Here's what she had to say, as well as some of her tweets from her travels.

"We have been renting our home in Vegas for quite some time ( and we have found it to be so very fun to meet new people and develop such great friendships with people from all over! While growing our business, we came upon this idea and decided to try it. We are a big family, so traveling is almost too expensive. We made our first trip to an incredible home in Costa Rica and we were HOOKED" says Amy, on how she came to Love Home Swap.

"This summer, we decided to make it our main focus and WOW - we hit the jackpot," says Amy told us, "with the help of Love Home Swap - we are heading to Belgium, Paris and Munich. Two of our trips are swaps and one is for points. The points trip was a complete surprise and what a wonderful new friend we have met! Our host is already spoiling us with offers to pick us up, give us great MUST DO lists and hang out for a lovely dinner! What hotel does that and for free" Amy observes.

"And all of this will be after we are completely drenched in elegance in Belgium and suffered through close up views of the Eiffel Tower in Paris on our huge balcony" she adds.

When it comes to arranging Amy had words of encouragement for would-be swappers "It is like piecing a puzzle together. There are pieces that fit! Some that you never thought that would (like us being in Belgium at an AMAZING house!). Those that don't fit right now -- we all keep each other on the short list for someday soon! We have made friends, like Bill. We have meet him a few times now and certainly consider him a friend, he was a dream guest as well"

On preparations for her own trip "we have ten days to go before our trip gets under way. We have set up key exchanges, shared videos of how to do things at each home, shared family photos and fun stories. I feel like we have three new friends in the world!

"We are nervous about being in someone else's home but after Costa Rica - we feel pretty good" Amy admits, "Our oldest is allergic to cats, but everyone is working together on that one. I hear we will have to feed a few little creatures, a welcome job for my three kids! The fears seem to go away as you get to know the people that you are working with - we all want the same thing!

You can follow the Firmani's travels right here on the blog or by following Amy on Twitter @vegasvillas. While your their, don't forget to tweet us your own travel tales to @LoveHomeSwap.

Want to feature on the blog yourself? You can get Instagramming and tweeting by tagging #WhyWeSwap or drop us an email with your own swap story.

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