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We love to hear all our members' swap stories, so we were thrilled when member Alex Hofmann got in touch to tell us all about his recent trip to beautiful Iceland.

Alex swapped his beautiful home in Sevenoaks, Kent (so beautiful in fact that it won the Daily Telegraph Home of the year in 1993, when it was built) and used it to travel to Áslaug's lovely family home in Seltjarnarnes, Iceland.

Dutiful host Alex provided his Icelandic swap partners with the use of their car, golf clubs and membership passes, along with arranging a cleaner, to ensure they fully enjoyed their trip to Kent, and meanwhile over in Iceland, they also had access to the family's car, so they could enjoy all that Iceland had to offer in complete freedom.

Iceland for many is the trip of a lifetime, with its dramatic scenery, adventurous activities and Scandinavian hospitality and design.

But as it also has Scandinavian prices, Iceland is notoriously expensive, which can put many people off visiting there; particularly large groups, such as families.

With dozens of properties now available in Iceland and more and more appearing in our listings, you no longer have to miss out. Home exchange through the Love Home Swap club is the perfect way to see this beautiful country cheaply and stylishly; saving those extra thousands for all of Iceland's exciting excursions - many of which you can see the Hofmann's enjoying here:


Gulfoss waterfall

UNESCO World Heritage site and the world's oldest parliament at Peingillier.

Icelandic horse riding

Along with swimming in the Blue Lagoon and the ultimate for anyone travelling to the polar region - the aurora borealis. And for the perfect end to a perfect swap, they even managed to catch their hosts in the airport before their flight home.

To get started on booking your dream trip to Iceland, take a look at our Icelandic listings here.

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