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"It was the best holiday we've ever had AND we saved around £17,000"

Popi and Robbie live with their three kids in leafy Twickenham, just outside London. They've been swapping their family home since the end of 2014 and have been near and far.


Their first trip (to The Canary Islands) was a tremendous success, with Robbie saying it's 'the best holiday we've ever had'. He explained "we swapped with a five-bedroom villa right opposite the marina and even traded cars. The weather was beautiful and the kids loved it. It was just an amazing holiday and we saved close to £17,000 over our 8-week trip"


Since then the family have also been on a trip to Australia - swapping their home in the London suburbs for one in Sydney's. Keen to stay in the Aussie sun for as long as they could, the family arranged a couple of swaps in Sydney, going over into the New Year.


They always welcome weekend breaks both in the UK and abroad.


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