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After reading about home swapping online, Paul from Prague decided he would give it a try. The family have just been on their first swap to Bali, Indonesia where they stayed in a gorgeous beach house - this is their story... 

Paul and his partner Angelika live in Prague with their two daughters aged 10 and 20. They are expats and have lived in the city for over fifteen years.

Paul and his family became Love Home Swap members in February 2016, and heard about the idea of home swapping online – so decided to give it a try. The family usually spend around $12,000 on holiday rentals or vacation hotels – and with having a stunning apartment in the centre of Prague, the family decided they could swap it for a comparable home in their favourite vacation destinations.

In July, fellow member Marie contacted Paul about swapping one of her beautiful properties in Bali for a stay in Paul’s apartment. The two agreed to host a swap for December – Marie would stay at Paul’s for a week before heading to a skiing holiday in Austria, whilst Paul and his family would stay in Marie’s Bali beach house for a few days before travelling to Auckland for the holidays.  

The swap to Bali was Paul’s first home swap – and it didn’t disappoint, with Paul saying that the home was ‘one of the most spectacular homes we have ever visited.’

‘The windows are permanently open – no glass. So the best moments were listening to ocean waves hitting the beach just below our bedroom window at night, and waking up to serene low-tide view in the morning.’

The family certainly took to the local cuisine; and enjoyed the sea-food restaurants with tables on the beach. Paul described how ‘you choose your fish and they cook it for you on the open fire grill. Very simple, delicious food.’

With the money saved from home swapping, Paul and his family were able to travel down to Auckland for a week over the Christmas period. Usually, Paul said, ‘a beach rental or hotel like this would have cost at least $3,000 - $5,000 per week.

After the success of their first swap, the Wilkinson family are now looking to swap in Dubai, New York and Marin County in California.

Take a look at their property here. Or if their stay in Bali has inspired you – take a look at Marie’s property. 

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