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Point swapping your own home: Meet Marie from London

Lydia Altman
By Lydia Altman - 5 minute read

Marie and her boyfriend on a swap in West Sussex

Why is home swapping a great way to travel for you?

“We swap out flat in London which is where we live, not a second home. The first couple of swaps were a bit nerve wracking but 99% of people have been very respectful. We’re going to other people’s houses and equally caring for those… we just feel massively lucky with the whole swapping process and all the amazing properties and holidays we’ve had from it, it almost seems too good to be true! Also the financial aspect means that we’ve been able to go on many more holidays than we would have.”

How long does it take you to organise a swap?

“I think out of all these years I’ve only had two experiences where I haven’t got what I’ve wanted and yes I’m usually successful when messaging for swaps but I do put in the effort, so when people say they’re not successful getting Point swaps, we don’t have that problem, maybe because we aim to stay flexible and out of school holidays. I do think it’s good to remain personal in your messages. I get so many people not replying, I find the most successful swaps are the ones that reply quickly and are really good communicators!”

How did the ability to Points swap on LHS help you to go away this year?

“I feel very lucky, our first swap was in February before lockdown, we literally just got that holiday in, on the cusp of it. The next was a few weeks ago and we were their second swappers and they have the most immaculate beach house in West Sussex. We were desperate for a holiday and realised we had to do it in this country. I really thought I wasn’t going to be successful and It was during school holidays so without Points it wouldn’t have been possible!”

Do you prefer Points swapping to classic swaps?

“I’m easy either way but we very rarely do a classic swap, 90% of our swaps are Points swaps and the rest Classic swaps.”

Why did you start home swapping?

“I know a travel journalist and she had written a blog on home swapping and had used Love Home Swap and I saw her article, so I was able to talk to her about it. My sister lives in New York where the hotels are really expensive, so I wanted a yearly trip there and that was one for the first ones I did.”

Would you recommend Point swapping to others?

“It’s a no brainer, why isn’t everyone Point swapping! I think people might be nervous because it’s not a simultaneous relationship but I’ve not found that to be the case, so I feel that there’s just so much more scope for making swapping successful if you use Point swaps because you’re much more in control of where you go.”

Marie enjoying some pregnancy yoga on the balcony of one of her home swaps

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