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Dan Prince and his family are on an adventure. Or rather they've turned their life into an adventure as they travel the world together - all six of them. This has been made possible through home swapping and Dan was very keen to share his story with us. Inspiring stuff indeed!


"It was recently reported that the average family spend up to two months' salary on their summer holiday break, a good percentage of that cost being spent on accommodation, this seems crazy!

You will be happy to know, there is another way...

What if you could use your own house or holiday home and travel to other wonderful destinations and stay in the most amazing houses / villas / flats or apartments for free? Would you consider letting other people stay in your house in return?

This is exactly what we are doing and it has proven to be an awesome experience.

Home swapping is not a new concept, but like most other businesses, social networking on the internet has bought it a whole new lease of life. We found by accident whilst surfing the web looking for places to stay on holiday. As a family of six the hotel bills rack up quickly, especially if if you are paying for two rooms, so we were always looking for other options.

After learning about the site and doing some further research we decided to go for it, list our property and just see what happened.

Listing your home on the site is easy and best of all free. Yes free, all you do is upload some pictures of your property with a description about the house and yourselves, hit the upload button, sit back and wait! Needless to say the better the pictures and the more descriptive the narrative the more interest you will get, so put a little effort in early.

One key caveat at this point - once you connect with people that are interested in swapping with you, and are ready to start exchanging dates and details etc, you will have to become a paying member of the site. The basic package is all one needs to get started and is just 12 Pounds per month, we still use this package and have enjoyed excellent service from the team in charge of our account.

After just two weeks of being listed we had received two swap requests, one from France and one from Switzerland, been shortlisted by three other members and had over 30 views."

"But what if they just trash your house?"

This is the first question people ask us when we tell them how we are travelling.

I guess as humans we are just trained to fear the worst, but let's take a step back and actually think about it. The people you have conversed with are also paying members of the site, they are already like minded people, with similar ethics and outlook on life, just a little extra faith in humanity is all that's needed!

"But why would anybody want to stay here?"

Another immediate response. Truth is, you have no idea why or when people will need to be in your vicinity. Maybe they have family there but have nowhere to stay, a job interview nearby, short term work to conduct in the area, a profound love of your area, the list of reasons is endless, so don't let that turn you off.

"We rent our apartment, so we wouldn't be allowed to list it by the landlord."

How would they ever know? Have you invited friends or family to use your place whilst you have been away? It's just the same. The underlying question really is this…

Do you want to stay in a five bedroom villa in Bali, a ski lodge in The Alps, explore the far or middle east or chill out in a converted barn house in the wine regions of France, without paying a penny for accommodation?

If yes, then go for it. Roll the die and see what happens, it's a zero cost exercise.

For further validation... we have agreed swaps and travelled to (or will be travelling to) The United Kingdom, Croatia, Dubai, Western Australia, Melbourne, Sydney, Queensland and New Zealand. The houses we have swapped with have all been amazing and the people we have met, either in person or via Skype, have been wonderful and have even become friends of the family.

Have fun and Happy Home Swapping!

The Prince family have been travelling since March 2014. Learn more about them at


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