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Using Points for more than just accommodation: "We did white water rafting using Points!" Meet Sarah from the UK, living in Canada

Lydia Altman
By Lydia Altman - 5 minute read

Sarah’s stylish Portsmouth home featured in Ideal Home Magazine

Why is Point swapping a great way to travel for you?

“It’s just so much cheaper, I’ve saved thousands and I’ve also found places that I wouldn’t have necessarily found… I like the flexibility of timing and because my house in England is what I swap with mostly, the Points are great because I can store them up from various swaps and use them whenever I want…we did a whole road trip around Europe for three weeks and that was great because every place we went was a home swap!”

Sarah also explained how Point swapping had allowed her to help a couple in the UK to keep a roof over their head during the Covid-19 pandemic while earning Points for herself :

“When the pandemic was at its height, I had a couple come and stay, Airbnb had shut down and weren’t accepting bookings, there was a period where my house in Portsmouth was totally empty, this couple came and stayed for a month, they were in between homes and were left stranded and a hotel would have been extortionate and I’m not sure they were even functioning properly, and for me that was perfect because I stocked up on all these Points.”

How did the ability to Points swap on LHS help you to go away this year?

“Yeah! That’s another thing, using swaps, a lot of hotels wouldn’t necessarily have been open. Since Covid we went away for a week on Vancouver island, did the white water rafting trip and we just came back from another trip nearby!”

Would you recommend Points swapping to others?

“Definitely, yeah. A lot of the time when I contact people, people say they don’t know how Points work or they just have something listed as Point swap, I always angle for the Point swap, when people don’t know much about it I tell them it's great and list all the great trips weve had on it, im constantly trying to get more people using the Points.”

Would you choose to Point swap over a more conventional holiday in the future? Why?

“Pretty much every time we look for swaps, before we think of hotels or Airbnbs and often we even change our plans, like if it was a flexible situation, we’d always try and make the Points work!”

Have you used home swapping for anything unique?

“Yes, a few weeks ago we used Points for a white water rafting retreat and we were able to use them to stay in a beautiful safari tent and the Points covered the accommodation, food and we could do white water rafting using the points!"

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