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"We travelled the world for two-and-a-half years - and we can't wait to go again!"
Meet the Members

"We travelled the world for two-and-a-half years - and we can't wait to go again!"

Lydia Altman
By Lydia Altman - 11 minute read

Daniel and his wife Clair have been mem­bers of Love Home Swap for many years. In that time, they’ve enjoyed over 60 swaps in more than 16 coun­tries – but unlike oth­er mem­bers who use home swap­ping just for their vaca­tions, the Prince fam­i­ly used the site to make a new life for them­selves and their four chil­dren. Over two-and‑a half years, they trav­elled around the world, liv­ing and swap­ping in over eleven dif­fer­ent coun­tries — and sav­ing tens of thou­sands of pounds in the process!

We caught up with Daniel to dis­cuss their adven­tures, why he loves the free­dom of home swap­ping and his plans for a post-pan­dem­ic, long-term trip.

Tell us about travelling the world with your family

We trav­elled exclu­sive­ly through Love Home Swap for two-and-a-half years, and over that time, I think we made about six­ty dif­fer­ent swaps. When we first start­ed doing this, our old­er kids were aged eight and six, and the twins were three years old. We lived in Sin­ga­pore for years and had our fam­i­ly there, and we also had a prop­er­ty in Koh Samui, Thai­land which we decid­ed to put on the site. When we got a lot of inter­est for our prop­er­ty, we decid­ed we could prob­a­bly swap for a longer time, so my wife and I quit our careers. We home-schooled our kids along the way! It was amaz­ing because we were able to expe­ri­ence all of these dif­fer­ent things together.”

Tell us about your route around the world

We start­ed in Syd­ney, Aus­tralia, stay­ing at anoth­er family’s place, while they stayed in our Koh Samui home. It was a ridicu­lous­ly big house in the cen­tre of Syd­ney. From there, we start­ed build­ing an itin­er­ary. We’d go onto Love Home Swap, fil­ter Aus­tralia, as we knew we want­ed to see more of Aus­tralia while we were there, and approached as many peo­ple as pos­si­ble. Then in quick suc­ces­sion we trav­elled to Perth, Mel­bourne and oth­er parts of Aus­tralia for around two months.”

Next we decid­ed that since we were on that side of the world, that we would vis­it New Zealand. So again, we just accessed the site and bang, we were in New Zealand! After that we end­ed up in San Fran­cis­co, USA where we house-sat for some friends of ours. Short­ly after­wards, we did Lake Tahoe, Seat­tle and Cana­da. We nev­er real­ly knew what was com­ing next, and that was the beau­ty of it. Some­times we were down to three or four days before we need­ed to leave, and some­thing always worked out.” 

We spent a month in Cana­da, then we went across to New York and Vir­ginia. Even­tu­al­ly we end­ed up in Europe where we home swapped in France, Spain, Croa­t­ia, Switzer­land, Hol­land and Eng­land. In fact, we did many swaps in Eng­land, as we hadn’t lived in Eng­land for a very long time, so we could see fam­i­ly and also get to be tourists. Since our kids hadn’t been born there, we showed them as much as we could. We even­tu­al­ly set­tled down in France, where we’re still liv­ing now.”

Daniel Prince Switzerland Love Home Swap

Daniel and his fam­i­ly on a swap in Switzerland

Out of all the places you visited, could you pinpoint which was your favourite?

When I think about all of the dif­fer­ent expe­ri­ences we had, every sin­gle one is a favourite. We all real­ly loved Croa­t­ia because it was one of those swaps that just came out of nowhere. I think oth­er mem­bers should real­ly stay open to these kind of swaps, as they might be to a place that you have maybe nev­er even con­sid­ered – but these are the swaps that end up real­ly blow­ing you away. We found the peo­ple there to be so won­der­ful, the island and the cul­ture was amaz­ing. Even the food was unbelievable.” 

Did you manage to swap during the pandemic?

We did! We man­aged to get a swap in August 2020. This last year has been a pain as we love to trav­el so much. So when restric­tions start­ed lift­ing a lit­tle bit, I start­ed look­ing on Love Home Swap. I took all expec­ta­tions off the table, and approached as many peo­ple as pos­si­ble! We were meant to be going to the Provence region of France, but this had to be can­celled due to the restric­tions. How­ev­er, this is what I love so much about the com­mu­ni­ty on Love Home Swap, as the host even called me to apol­o­gise, when there was noth­ing she could have done. The mind­set of this com­mu­ni­ty is so bril­liant. There is such a sense of kin­ship that you can become life­long friends in some instances. Instead, we found a prop­er­ty in Switzer­land that we drove to. They showed us around the house, and we had a won­der­ful week-long swap there using the Points system.” 

What are your home swapping plans for the future?

We have already start­ed hatch­ing our plans for our post-pan­dem­ic get­aways. We will def­i­nite­ly do a UK trip. We hope to look at one in Essex or Suf­folk so I can see my fam­i­ly. We nev­er touched Cen­tral or South Amer­i­ca, so I would love to do a year in the US hope­ful­ly in the mid­dle of 2021, then into Mex­i­co and south­ern Amer­i­ca. I’d love to do it a lot slow­er than before, maybe two months at a time in a place. Hope­ful­ly we will soon be on our next big adven­ture with the back­ing of Love Home Swap and the great mem­bers that are on the site.” 

If you’d like to share your swap sto­ry with us, we’d love to hear about your expe­ri­ences of trav­el­ling as a fam­i­ly too! If you’ve got some top tips or anec­dotes about home swap­ping with kids, then we’d love to share them with our mem­bers on our blog or via our social media chan­nels. Get in touch today to share your thoughts.