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 Greg and Fiona on a swap in California at Hearst Castle.
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"We've saved $278,000 through Love Home Swap"

Lydia Altman
By Lydia Altman - 5 minute read
 Greg and Fiona on a swap in California at Hearst Castle.
Greg and Fiona on a swap in California at Hearst Castle.

You’ve saved $278,000. How did you calculate that figure?

"We worked it out by averaging stays at $200 per night given the types of places and locations that we have stayed in. We have stayed in private properties on particular beaches, and in very well-to-do neighbourhoods like Point Piper in Sydney. The homes we have stayed in have been in quality neighbourhoods as well as being super central and well located for transport. The best part is you get the whole house, you’re never just swapping a room – so when you take that into account the number is probably much more.”

What have been some of your highlights?

“We managed to do a home swap at the start of last year, when we went to Pacific Beach in San Diego. Another time, we swapped with a chap who had a holiday house in Thailand. We swapped our house in London, and in return we got to use his car plus two apartments, one in Bangkok and one on the Gulf of Thailand. People are super amenable to making the exchanges very practical and doable.

“We stayed right on the Cote D'Azur in France for three months which is millionaire territory. We have also swapped to the Gold Coast in Australia twice and also to central Tokyo. The apartment in Tokyo was huge – it was essentially two apartments made into one, so we had a lot of space. Another amazing swap we had was to Barcelona where we stayed in a converted monastery which opened onto a little cobbled stone courtyard. It had a medieval tower with sixty-four steps! At the top there were windows from each side so we could see for miles. We could even see the Sagrada Familia.”

Would you have been able to afford these impressive holidays if you hadn’t home swapped?

“Nope, certainly not! We’ve been doing three-month swaps at a time, so we definitely wouldn’t have been able to do that another way.”

You’ve exchanged your home for some long periods of time. Why do you love home swapping for extended breaks?

“Just the sheer economy of it all, as it’s very affordable. We get to stay in some stunning places, and we particularly seem to attract properties with a ‘watery’ approach like homes by harbours, rivers, lakes and beaches. We like the fact that we can stay in one solid place so we don’t have to travel around, and we aren’t packing our bags all the time. I think you get to know a place much better than if you’re on holiday for just a week.”

 Greg and Fiona on the Toyko Metro during their Japan swap!
Greg and Fiona on the Toyko Metro during their Japan swap!

Do you ever stay in hotels?

“We hardly ever use hotels anymore. Most of our home swaps are over six weeks long, so we would always do home swaps given the choice. What’s so amazing about it is you’re literally just swapping lives. We pay our own utility bills back home, and they pay theirs. We have even swapped our cars, and we have used other peoples!”

What is the biggest benefit of home swapping?

“I would say the primary benefit of home swapping is that we have been able to take more holidays and do longer holidays as we have saved money. So we get to enjoy places for longer than we would through other mediums.”

If Greg and Fiona’s adventures have tempted you to consider a swap but you’re still unsure where to go then check out the Top Home Swaps of 2020 for some travel inspiration.??Already been to any of the fab locations mentioned in this story? Then share your swap tips on our social media channels using?#welovehomeswap. And don’t forget that we always want to hear about your best travel experiences! If you'd like to share your story or suggestions with our community, then?get in touch?with us, or pop into?our friendly Facebook groups?to meet likeminded travel-lovers.