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Our members are hopeful for an amazing 2021!

With the rollout of the vaccines, many of our members are excitedly anticipating their next home exchange with Love Home Swap. From skiing breaks to relaxing by the beach, they’ve been busy making plans. We caught up with some of our members to reminisce about their favourite past home-from-home experiences, and to find out what they’re looking forward to most about their upcoming 2021 swaps.


“I long to travel and home swap again! Normally at this time of year, we would be preparing to home swap in Sydney, Australia to be reunited with our daughter who lives and works in Sydney. There is nowhere better to be at this time of the year than Australia, as it's their summer while it’s our winter in Europe. From late autumn, we look forward to feeling that sunshine from the moment we arrive.”

“At this stage, Sydney is very familiar to us. What I’m looking forward to most, is visiting all those wonderful beaches surrounding the Sydney area, eating in our favourite spots and revisiting our favourite bars and cafes! I also can’t wait to take wonderful walks in beautiful coastal spots, and attend the outdoor cinema on warm winter nights with a delicious glass of wine and a picnic.” 

“The next trip we are planning is a home swap in Tasmania. It included one my favourite things to do in Australia - wine tasting in boutique wineries, and eating Tasmanian seafood which is extremely highly thought of.”

“I hope that despite these difficult times, we can travel next year to Australia, and be reunited with our wonderful daughter. Through Love Home Swap, we hope to enjoy many, many more home swaps in the coming years.”

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“Well what a year 2020 turned out to be for everyone. Who would have thought when we made our New Year’s resolutions, that something would disrupt the whole world? Looking back, I think that despite having to cancel a few swaps, we were very lucky, as we managed to get an extended family skiing holiday in France, returning to the UK on the day that the French resorts shut down. This was followed by a delightful house swap with a family in Somerset in the summer and a last-minute break in Cornwall, just days before going into Tier 4.”

“Despite the problems facing travel in 2021, we have not been deterred from tentatively planning our holiday year ahead. One of the good things about Love Home Swap is that there are no cancellation fees, if one suddenly has to go into lockdown or self-isolation.”

“Looking ahead to this year, I am in negotiations with other members to take a week away in the UK in April. This will be the safest option, as we intend to take my elderly mother away for a much-needed break from shielding. Then hopefully I will finally get to see my son in Canada, after two years of separation. Facetime is great, but there is nothing like actually being able to get together. I have also been talking to some lovely Love Home Swap members in Vancouver, Vancouver Island and Whistler, and as soon as travel borders open, we hope to confirm some of these swaps!”

“We then plan to end the year by resurrecting our trip to New Zealand.  You can be sure that as soon as things are a bit easier, I will be scouring the LHS website to seek further swaps. There is so much to look forward to. I can’t wait!”

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“We managed to get a swap in August 2020. This last year has been a pain as we love to travel so much. So when restrictions started lifting a little bit, I started looking on Love Home Swap. I took all expectations off the table, and approached as many people as possible! We were meant to be going to the Provence region of France, but this had to be cancelled due to the restrictions. However, this is what I love so much about the community on Love Home Swap, as the host even called me to apologise, when there was nothing she could have done. The mindset of this community is so brilliant. There is such a sense of kinship that you can become lifelong friends in some instances. Instead, we found a property in Switzerland that we drove to. They showed us around the house, and we had a wonderful week-long swap there using the Points system.”

“In terms of what we are looking forward to most in 2021, we have already started hatching our plans for our post-pandemic getaways. We will definitely do a UK trip. We hope to look at one in Essex or Suffolk so I can see my family. I would also love to do a year in the US hopefully in the middle of 2021, then into Mexico and southern America. Hopefully we will soon be on our next big adventure with the backing of Love Home Swap and the great members that are on the site.”

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Kathy and Dan:

“One favourite swap was a couple of years ago with a couple from Solana Beach, California, who had tickets to attend the annual Coachella Music Festival. Although we've lived in California for many years, we'd never spent time in the small community of Solana Beach. What a great little spot on the Pacific coast, with fabulous restaurants and easy beach access. We also used it as a gathering spot for our adult children from around Los Angeles to join us for a few days and have a little vacation of their own. The house was beautiful and roomy, with a great backyard where we had a picnic lunch before walking down to explore the beaches. Our hosts had a welcome basket of local speciality foods for us to enjoy… such a nice and unexpected touch!”

“During all the extra time at home during 2020 we've enjoyed spending evenings on the Love Home Swap website tagging our favourite spots for future travel possibilities... it’s the next best thing to being there!”


If you'd like to share your swap story, get in touch with us. And don’t forget to share your swap snaps on our social channels using #welovehomeswap.

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