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Meet... Alison

Published in Meet the Team - April 23, 2015

Find out more about the Love Home Swap team & the faces behind the phones. Today we proudly introduce you to Alison from our Membership Team.

Adventurous Alison works on our Membership Team, helping our new members to get the best out of the club. When she's not loving working as part of such an energetic and helpful team, she's enjoying Love Home Swap's home, Shoreditch or travelling the world.

Alison's next trip is Sri Lanka, which should be amazing given her dream holiday would include safaris, beach parties and exploring exotic food - all things we're sure she'll be doing while over there on vacation.

Her best trip to date looks a little different to this though, when she drove from San Francisco to Vegas, making some pretty exciting stops along the way. Alison shopped and sight-saw in San Francisco, went whale-watching in Monterey, bear-searching in Yosemite and chilled out with the Las Vegas lions in the MGM hotel.

'The world is your oyster' is Alison's life motto and it's something she truly lives by. Her top travel trip is plan to the max before you head out on vacation, so you can fit in as many activities and experiences as you can while you're away.

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