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Meet... Chris

Published in Meet the Team - May 16, 2015

Find out more about the Love Home Swap team & the faces behind the site. Today we proudly introduce you to Chris, our Chief Technology Officer.

Tech savvy Chris loves building new features into the site that the Love Home Swap community love and does such a good job of it by following his (slightly geeky) mantra: test, learn, test.

Dog-person Chris is definitely a city boy and loves nothing more than chilling out in any of London's big parks during the summer. That said, his dream destination looks slightly different - a city with a beach 'so you can soak up the culture and kick back at the same time'.

Chris is a pro at last-minute holidays and his top travel trip is not to over plan. His best trip yet came from an unexpected swap offer to Arles, France, which he just couldn't turn down.

Essex-born Chris tells us if he could have any super power it would be dancing - but having seen him at the work socials, we reckon he already has this down.

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