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Meet... Emma

Published in Meet the Team - May 11, 2015

Find out more about the Love Home Swap team & the faces behind the phones. Today we proudly introduce you to Emma, our membership team leader.

Emma joined us as a member of our membership team more than 2 years ago. She now heads up the team, who make sure our new members get the best out of their membership and bag themselves an amazing first swap.

Emma is a seasoned pro at efficient packing. Her top tips for getting the best out of your case include rolling clothes, putting shoes at the edge and making sure you have an outside pocket to store your travel documents. These are all tips Emma needs to use when travelling because this girl loves to shop.

Emma's favourite trip to date was her holiday to Paris where her host even left her homemade cakes and jam to enjoy during her stay. Paris is a little different to Emma's dream destinations though, which are the Maldives and Machu Picchu, Peru.

We couldn't chat with Emma without getting some of her top tips for swappers, she tells us, 'be open minded, send lots of messages and give me a call'.

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