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Meet... Fiona

Published in Meet the Team - March 20, 2015

Find out more about the Love Home Swap team & the faces behind the phones. Today we proudly introduce you to Fiona from our membership team.

Membership consultant Fiona is all about helping people secure their dream holiday for a fraction of the usual cost.

Irish Fiona may have been born and raised in a small village on the Emerald Isle, but she's now a city girl, even if she hasn't been living in the big smoke for very long.

Fiona's dream holiday is a tour of the west coast of the US, stopping off at all the cities along the way, but her past and future holidays look a little different to this dream. Her next trip is to a festival in Finland and her ultimate holiday find was a villa on a private beach in Vietnam, which she got for an absolute steal.

Efficient Fiona is a proponent of less is more and her top travel tip is to pack light. 'Don't bring more clothes than you need,' she says, 'you won't wear them'.

Positive Fiona always looks on the bright side of life and is a pro at making lemonade out of lemons it seems - to her dream dinner party she'd invite Jamie Oliver so he could help her cook.

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