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Meet the team: Adam
Meet the Team

Meet the team: Adam

Ellena Morgan
By Ellena Morgan - 6 minute read

Ever won­dered who the faces are behind Love Home Swap? In our Swap­star’ series, we’re intro­duc­ing you to our won­der­ful team. To get the ball rolling, we caught up with Adam, who heads up our Cus­tomer Care Team. If you need help with mak­ing your pro­file shine, or sort­ing a swap – or if there’s any­thing else you fan­cy chat­ting about – Adam’s your guy…

Meet the team Adam our Customer Care Team 3

Where did you grow up?

I was born in Sun­der­land in the north-east of Eng­land and grew up in Coun­ty Durham. Pic­ture Bil­ly Elliot, with not as much dancing. 

I loved being by the coast and we would often go to one of the many beach­es around. It was great fun stomp­ing around the sand dunes of South Shields or play­ing the arcade games at Roker.

What would peo­ple be sur­prised to know about you? 

There’s a run­ning joke in the Love Home Swap office that I can shoe-horn a ref­er­ence to Julia Roberts into any meet­ing – no mat­ter the sub­ject! I am a huge fan of her, and I think she’s one of the best actress­es of all time. I re-watch My Best Friend’s Wed­ding and Erin Brock­ovich about four times a year each, minimum.

What’s the best des­ti­na­tion you’ve visited? 

I’m lucky to have par­ents who are as pas­sion­ate about trav­el as I am, and they took me to some amaz­ing des­ti­na­tions when I was younger. Cam­bo­dia, Thai­land and Egypt were just a few. 

But one of the best places I’ve vis­it­ed recent­ly is a bit less exot­ic – I went on a hik­ing hol­i­day in the York­shire Dales with some friends! The scenery is so stun­ning, and I have a per­son­al con­nec­tion to the place (my mum hails from York­shire), which made the trip even more spe­cial. Get­ting to explore more of it was such a dream. It’s such a beau­ti­ful part of the coun­try and the world.

Meet the team Adam our Customer Care Team

Adam at Barcelona Zoo

Share one of your best hid­den trav­el gems… 

Paris might not be where you would imme­di­ate­ly think to go for piz­za, but that’s where one of my faves is. There’s a won­der­ful restau­rant in the 9th arrondisse­ment on Rue Cadet called Le Papa­cionu. They serve per­fect lit­tle half-moons of piz­za and the best is the Bur­ra­ta. The first time I ate it was in 2018 dur­ing a heat­wave. It’s a piz­za with pep­pers, let­tuce and an entire fridge-cold bur­ra­ta sit­ting on top. The com­bo of the cold cheese and the hot toma­to sauce is divine, espe­cial­ly in the sum­mer. It’s a per­fect spot for lunch with a glass of Picpoule.

Meet the team Adam our Customer Care Team 2

Where do you want to travel to next?

I’m a Fran­cophile and due to the pan­dem­ic haven’t been able to pop on the Eurostar to France for the past few years. Now that restric­tions have eased, I want to re-vis­it Paris for my next trip and explore more cities in France to help pick up the lan­guage – Duolin­go can only get you so far!

What’s the one thing that you can’t live with­out when travelling? 

Although it means sac­ri­fic­ing room in my suit­case for yet anoth­er charg­er, I have to bring my e‑reader with me when trav­el­ling. Hav­ing an entire library down­loaded in your back­pack is per­fect for trav­el­ling. You’ve got that lat­est Val McDer­mid if you fan­cy a crime nov­el for the beach, all the trav­el guides you could pos­si­bly need, and if one of your mates rec­om­mends a book you can down­load it as soon as you have access to some WiFi. You can have an instant hol­i­day book club going! 

There’s so many e‑readers out there, but I’d rec­om­mend one that con­nects to an app on your phone. Mine syncs with the app so that what­ev­er device I read my book on, it always picks up where I last left off, which is per­fect if you’re stuck in a queue or have left the house with­out your bag. 

I love a phys­i­cal book, but when I’m trav­el­ling I pre­fer the con­ve­nience of pack­ing just the one thing. It saves room for souvenirs.

Meet the Love Home Swap team Meet Adam

Adam in Venice

What’s your favourite thing about work­ing at Love Home Swap? 

Def­i­nite­ly the peo­ple. Whether that’s the peo­ple in the team who make work­ing at Love Home Swap fan­tas­tic, or our great com­mu­ni­ty of mem­bers who I get to chat with every day. 

I’m very for­tu­nate in that a large part of my job is to chat to our mem­bers about their upcom­ing hol­i­days and help them find their dream swap. Any trip reviews that are post­ed are man­u­al­ly approved by the Cus­tomer Care Team and it’s great to read about the amaz­ing expe­ri­ences that peo­ple are hav­ing through the platform.

What’s your top tip for home swapping? 

Whether you’re new­er to the web­site or have been swap­ping for years, a great point­er for when you’re search­ing for your next home swap is to look at who has been view­ing your home. 

If you click the heart-shaped icon in the top right, you get tak­en to your Short­list’, where you have a few options. You can see the homes that you’ve favour­it­ed to come back to lat­er, but there’s two oth­er tabs at the top of the page: Short­list­ed you’ and Recent­ly viewed you’. On these two tabs you can see any­one who has added you to their favourites, plus any­one who has recent­ly clicked on one of your homes. 

See­ing who is inter­est­ed in your loca­tion is a great way to embrace the serendip­i­ty of home swap­ping. Lots of our mem­bers have trav­elled down the beat­en tracks of trav­el and choose their next des­ti­na­tion based on who wants to come to their home. Mes­sag­ing mem­bers who’ve already dis­played an inter­est in your prop­er­ty means you’re much more like­ly to arrange the per­fect swap.

We hope you enjoy get­ting to know our won­der­ful team at Love Home Swap. If you ever want to reach out, we’re always here to help. Get in touch to have a nat­ter, pop us an email, or you can even book a call.