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Meet the team: Jack
Meet the Team

Meet the team: Jack

Suzie Dalton
By Suzie Dalton - 5 minute read

Ever won­dered who the faces are behind Love Home Swap? In our Swap­star’ series, we’re intro­ducing you to our won­der­ful col­leagues. With a pas­sion for mak­ing our web­site as user-friend­ly as pos­si­ble, Prod­uct Design­er Jack makes sure our mem­bers are get­ting the best pos­si­ble brows­ing expe­ri­ence (and he also hap­pens to know a few great mag­ic tricks!) 

Where did you grow up?

I was born in Slough, but grew up in a small vil­lage on the out­skirts of High Wycombe called Wooburn Green. I lived there until very recent­ly when I moved to Chiswick in West London. 

What is your con­tri­bu­tion to the Love Home Swap experience? 

I’m a Prod­uct Design­er, which means I’m focused on help­ing site users get the most val­ue out of the Love Home Swap web­site. The main goal is to make it as easy as pos­si­ble for our mem­bers to find and agree swaps, and to make their over­all brows­ing expe­ri­ence as fun and sim­ple as pos­si­ble. We’re always explor­ing how we can make the site as user-friend­ly as pos­si­ble, and we lis­ten to our mem­bers to under­stand what they want from the web­site. I love speak­ing to our mem­bers. I’ve chat­ted to swap­pers from Mex­i­co to Bali about how we can improve their expe­ri­ence using Love Home Swap – it’s my favourite part of my job! 

Man in blue puffer jacket and grey hoodie by high rise buildings

Jack­’s love of trav­el­ling has tak­en him from Kyoto to New York!

What would peo­ple be sur­prised to know about you?

First­ly, I’ve got a few mag­ic tricks I could show you! My favourite trick would have to the clas­sic Pick a card, any card’. It works about 80% of the time and it’s great as a pub trick. Also, I real­ly like to cook and I make a spaghet­ti car­bonara that could rival an Italian’s (though Ital­ians would prob­a­bly argue oth­er­wise!) The recipe is a spin on Jamie Oliver’s from his book 5 Ingre­di­ents’. The orig­i­nal recipe uses sausages, but you can put all sorts of dif­fer­ent ingre­di­ents in there. 

Describe the hol­i­day of your dreams… 

The details of my dream hol­i­day changes fre­quent­ly, but now, I’m most keen on look­ing for rur­al hol­i­day expe­ri­ences. I think the peace and qui­et is a stark dif­fer­ence to Lon­don. I’d most like to relax on a beach in the Car­ribean, where I’d drink a healthy-sized Pina Cola­da. I’d do a lot of relax­ing, sprin­kled with a few hikes and a few trips to restau­rants and bars. And Mex­i­can food would fea­ture in my dream hol­i­day too! Tacos, enchi­ladas and the gold­en food item that is the bur­ri­to – prefer­ably filled with pulled pork, gua­camole, sour cream, cheese, pep­pers and onions. 

Man with backpack and hat climbing rocks in the Lake District

Hik­ing in the Lake District

What’s the one thing that you can’t live with­out when travelling? 

I don’t actu­al­ly think I have some­thing I need. Whilst my girl­friend will nor­mal­ly be stress­ing out before a trip pack­ing, the only things you NEED are your pass­port, some mon­ey and a good attitude. 

What has been your best trav­el expe­ri­ence or dis­cov­ery?

I usu­al­ly go on hol­i­day with my girl­friend, and our best hol­i­day expe­ri­ence was a spon­ta­neous day trip in Japan, where we head­ed to a small vil­lage just out­side of Tokyo. In the vil­lage was a very small restau­rant with only five or six seats. When we went in, the own­er did­n’t speak Eng­lish and there was no Eng­lish menu. Luck­i­ly my girlfriend’s step-mum is Japan­ese, so she was able to trans­late. I ordered a three-cheese piz­za, and I can con­firm to this day that it is the best food I have ever eaten! 

Anoth­er of my favourite hol­i­day expe­ri­ences was a trip to the Sky Lagoon in Ice­land. You are sit­ting in a geot­her­mal infin­i­ty pool over­look­ing the Atlantic, whilst sip­ping on a bev­er­age of your choice. It’s top-qual­i­ty stuff. 

Man with fishing rod and beer can

Jack dis­cov­ered some top fish­ing sites in Wales!

How do you fill your time beyond work?

I love spend­ing time with my friends or fam­i­ly explor­ing Lon­don. There is so much to do like exhi­bi­tions, so you nev­er get bored. Some­times if I want to relax, I will just sit back and watch some TV. I’m cur­rent­ly watch­ing Game of Thrones which I’m real­ly enjoying. 

Share 5 hid­den gems that oth­er trav­ellers will love:

  • Gow­er has the nicest beach­es in the UK, and is great for surfing. 
  • Mar­gate is a short train ride from Kings Cross, and is a great art­sy up-and-com­ing place. 
  • Con­nol­ly’s pub in Chiswick has great live Irish music on a Fri­day night. 
  • Head up to the Scot­tish High­lands for some wild camping. 
  • Goodge Street Mar­ket has some of the best grub in the city! 

We hope you enjoy get­ting to know our won­der­ful team at Love Home Swap. If you ever want to reach out, we’re always here to help. Get in touch to have a nat­ter, pop us an email, or you can even book a call.