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Meet the team: Rosie

Published in Meet the Team - November 6, 2013

Today we talk to one of our Rentals Executives, Rosie.

She loves chocolate (who doesn't), is dying to visit Bali (who isn't) & urm, used to be an alien?

Today we talk to one of our Rentals Executives, Rosie. She loves chocolate (who doesn't), is dying to visit Bali (who isn't) & urm, used to be an alien?

So, what do you do at Love Home Swap?
I am Rentals Executive.

What did you do before Love Home Swap?
I studied Maths at the University of Glasgow & briefly worked for a language travel company as an Activities manager.

What would your last supper include?
Hog roast with all the bits on the side - must include some macaroni cheese.
For dessert, something choclately. Brownies & ice-cream probably. Yum

Your three dream dinner party guests?
Dan Carter. Gary the tank commander (Greg McEwan). & Prince harry…sorry girls!

What's your favourite holiday to date?
Croatia. We rented a big villa on the East Coast of Italy for a big family holiday & from there, got a ferry with my boyfriend to Croatia & where we spent two weeks. It was absolutely beautiful! My highlight was going to a island called Mljet near Dubrovnik, which was amazing! The whole island is a national park. We hired bikes and cycled to a lake with a mini-island in the middle, took a 5 minute ferry out to the church and had lunch at a restaurant. The seafood was amazing!

Is there somewhere you'd love swap to?
Yeah I really want to go Bali & the west coast of Ireland actually too. A ski chalet in Whistler would be phenomenal but I need to have something to swap first!

Any travel tips for us?
Plan your transport! Like buses, for example. Always check their transfer prices are inclusive of luggage. I've had a few cheeky charges by bus drivers! Also, if your going anywhere with sea urchins, buy special sea urchin shoes! You can pick them up for around 10 pounds I'm sure. They hurt!

What do you like doing in your free time?
I like to keep fit. Do a bit of swimming. I'm hoping to join a hockey team in London soon, as I've only just moved here! Apart from that, Downtown Abbey with a dash of Homeland.

And finally, a random fact about you?
When I was in Primary school I was lucky enough to get the lead role in our Christmas play as a queen alien called 'Skavia' who wanted to push the 'choopies' off Earth and claim the planet as her own. Fortunately, I was beaten and had to return to my own planet. I am sure this experience will haunt me in the future sometime!

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