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Meet the team: Yvonne

Published in Meet the Team - January 24, 2014

Yvonne Mwiza, Social Media and PR Intern at Love Home Swap sat down for a chat with us...

1. What did you do before Love Home Swap?

I graduated this summer with a BSc (hons) Anthropology from the University of Kent.

2. If your family and (or) friends could describe you in three words, what would they be?

(Goes and asks best friend) Vivacious, honest and adventurous... So I guess I'll take that :)

3. Which places have you been to in the past?

Uganda (lived in the capital, Kampala, for 12 years), Kenya, Vietnam (taught at a school in the capital, Hanoi for 2 months), Cambodia and Thailand.

4. Which of these would you say was your favourite destination and why?

Oh definitely, Vietnam. I have a verging on obsession love for the place ha! Even with the beyond this world hustle and bustle, there's an infinite calm nature about the Vietnamese which was always a reminder that it's 'never that serious' and that I needed to appreciate all the moments in life.

5. What do you like to do in your free time?

Is it that bad that I've perfected the art of the couch potato? Haha I do somehow squeeze in time to catch up with friends, troll the internet for good music and occasionally read a good book.

6. What would be your dream swap?

That would have to be Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australia. We've recently got a lot of traffic coming in from Australia in terms of media exposure and Byron bay properties pretty much rival none in beauty and with the beach right at my footstep, I would want for nothing else.

7. Any travel tips accumulated through your travels?

I'm sure it won't be anything that hasn't been said in the past but guide books are god. I know there's a lot of hoo ha about them; 'are they useful, are they not?' but I found my Lonely Planet S.E. Asia edition extremely useful when I was travelling.

8. If you could have three people to dinner, who would it be and why?

Matt Corby, an up and coming Australian musician (possibly the best vocals I've heard live) to serenade us, Jamie Oliver to bestow us with his cookery genius and Woody Allen, because well who wouldn't want a legend at their dinner table?

9. And lastly, a random fact about yourself?

The 'Y-von look' (Pronounced Why von), friend's describe it as the moment you know I don't approve. Beware, it involves a lot of eye rolling and (or) intense facial expressions. I know, I know, don't know how and why I've got away with it for so long... oh dear!

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