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Published in Meet the Team - February 1, 2017

Find out more about the Love Home Swap team & the faces behind the site. Today we proudly introduce you one of our Spanish speaking Membership Executives, Fraser. 

Fraser works as our Spanish Speaking Membership Executive and joined the Love Home Swap team in December 2016. He was born in Burton-On-Trent but has grown up all over the world, from Cornwall to Spain and many other place in between.

Before working at LHS, Fraser worked as a language teacher in Spain for three years, but has also worked in hospitality.

The holiday of Fraser’s dreams would be filled with adventure and information. He loves historical places and he’d choose a museum over a beach almost without thinking. His next trip is a weekend getaway with his girlfriend to check out the Game of Thrones exhibition. The best holiday Fraser has been on so far was visiting Toledo in Spain as its filled with history and museums.

One of Fraser’s hidden talents is that he is a ‘pretty decent’ painter and a massive fan of art. The one item that he could not live without is his computer, which he uses for gaming, staying in touch, work and Netflix. And when he’s not at work, watching Netflix is probably where you’ll find him.

Fraser’s top travel tip is to just travel; he says ‘it’s the only thing that makes you richer as you invest in it. Immerse yourself in culture and don’t be afraid to try new things.’ 

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