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Do you prefer lazing on a beautiful beach and soaking up some sun, or heading a little off the beaten track and discovering something new?

We weigh up the pros of each in this fun infographic. So what'll it be on your next holiday?

Do beach holidays make the best family holidays?



What to take with you


After sun aloe vera lotion


Bathing suits

First aid kit

Insect repellent and itch relief cream

Inflatable dingy

Giant parasol

Sufficient non-perishable drinks and food for treks

Maps and a GPS device

Plastic bucket and spade

Beach ball

Waterproof matches

Comfortable walking shoes

Plastic bags for wet clothes

Cricket set

Water proof jackets

Plastic bags for wet clothes

To do list: Before leaving, remember…

  • Get swimming lessons for the kids
  • Buy sun block, plenty of hats and sunglasses
  • Take out 1/3 of everything in the rucksack, then pack it all again - lightly!
  • Get your inoculations before going to far-flung destinations
  • Buy insect repellent, a fully stocked first aid kit and sun block
  • Take out 1/3 of everything in the rucksack, then pack it all again - lightly!


  • Be footloose and fancy free - do your own thing!
  • A beach BBQ always brings the family together!
  • Perfect for lazy bones who want to bronze in the sun for countless hours
  • Features casual and non-committal beach games like volleyball, cricket, football and sandcastle building
  • The very essence of going 'where the wind will take you'
  • Downtime deluxe: plenty of time to drink wine, frolic in the waves or read a trashy novel
  • Be planned and organised - ''fun'' is a plan and you'll stick to it!
  • A riverside picnic always brings the family together!
  • Perfect for go-getters with truck loads of energy, and an adventurous spirit
  • Features ambitious, admirable and coveted goals like catching 10 sea bass, reaching the top of a highland peak, etc.
  • The very essence of earthy country wanderings
  • Activity overload: plenty of time to try exciting activities, ranging from sedate to intrepid

Choose this holiday if you…

…want to enjoy the raw and powerful sea

Set up camp on a remote beach… the perfect spot for kite-flying, ball games and (if permitted!) bonfires.

…want to enjoy the silence

Set up camp in a serene meadow, valley, beside a creek, or inside a cave... the natural world is your oyster!

…want to rub shoulders with sea life

Head to west Wales for close encounters with seals and puffins on the coast and excellent whale watching.

…want to go off grid

Head to remote, beautiful blue flag beaches in Scotland, Wales or Cumbria. Or head further afield to the Basque coast of Spain. Switch off your smart phone, get some fresh air and frolic in the dunes - sans technology.

…want seaside nostalgia

Think Punch and Judy shows, ice-creams, carnival rides and walks along Victorian piers in places such as the Isle of Wight, Blackpool and Brighton.

…want to teach your kids to make their own fun

The beach is the perfect playground for kids and big kids with big imaginations.

…want to rub shoulders with furry mammals

Witness fast-as-lightning flashes of stoats, rabbits, hedgehogs, foxes and other shy creatures, if you're lucky enough.

…want to go out of your comfort zone

Ever hurtled down a luge at 100mph? Ever gone diving in a pool of sharks? One person's ''crazy'' is another person's ''cool''.

…want an activity to include the entire family

Three generations of one family can enjoy a walking trip in the Lake District, or cycling in Amsterdam, lawn bowls or fishing.

…want a ready-made source of fun

Sometimes travel can be a bit dull without a plan of action. Get out of the rut and into an itinerary of activities to make this trip go down in family history.

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