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Blockbuster movies aren't just big business for the film industry - the travel sector is taking a share too.

8.5% of New Zealand's tourists cite The Lord of the Rings movies as the inspiration behind their trip. Hogwarts (aka Alnwick Castle, Northumberland) has generated an extra $14 million for its local economy thanks to its starring role in the first two Harry Potter movies. Even Norway has cashed in on our love of the big screen, with flight searches to the country rising by 153% following the release of Disney's Frozen.


This summer's box office selection looks to be no different, with destinations from South Carolina to New South Wales inducing travel envy in the form of blissful beaches and stunning cityscapes for movie-goers around the world.

We've rounded up this summer's biggest movies and their must-see locations, so you can get ahead of the crowds and book your trip now.

Whether you are dreaming of the white sandy beaches (or Bradley Cooper) in Aloha or yearning for the Southern states after watching Sofia Vergara in comedy Hot Pursuit, there is a big-screen-worthy location for you, whatever your travel style.

Paper Towns - North Carolina

Following the success his first cinematic adaptation 'The Fault in Our Stars', Vlog Brother and acclaimed author John Green hits the big screen again this summer. Highly anticipated rom-com Paper Towns, which will be model Cara Delevingne's cinematic debut, may be set in Florida, but many scenes were filmed in Charlotte, North Carolina.


Ted 2 - Massachusetts

A trip to Boston is a must this year for fans of A-Lister local, Mark Wahlberg, and his outspoken, furry friend Ted. Boston is also a great trip for TV-lovers, with the classic American sitcom Cheers also calling the city home. 


Mad Max: Fury Road - Australia

The reboot of the iconic action movie Mad Max was predominantly filmed in the desert of Namibia. While some of you may want to trek out into the desert, we think most of you would be more comfortable in New South Wales, Australia where the crew caught the final shots of the blockbuster, starring Charlize Theron and Tom Hardy


Aloha - Hawaii

For those who have already done Ko Phi Phi and Bali (thanks to The Beach and Eat Pray Love) your next big movie-inspired beach break is sure to be Honolulu. You'll be able to lounge on the very same beaches as Bradley Cooper and Emma Stone - we can't promise they'll still be there though.

(Film crew setting up in Waimanalo for Aloha filming. Photo credit: jai Mansson)


Avengers: Age of Ultron - South Africa and England

Those who want to travel like Captain America and Tony Stark have a lot of options this summer. The film was shot around the world, including in destinations like Johannesburg, South Africa and Norwich, England.


Hot Pursuit - Louisiana

Hot Pursuit see's Reese Witherspoon playing a by-the-books cop protecting the widow of a drug boss, Sofia Vergara, as they're chased through Texas. The film was actually filmed in Louisiana, though and is bound to make you want to hop on a plane to visit the historic city of New Orleans.


Entourage - California

Want to live like an A-Lister? Go ahead and book your trip to Los Angeles. It may not exactly be a new tip, but to live the life of Vincent and Ari from HBO's hit series Entourage, being adapted for the big screen this summer, it simply has to be LA.


Magic Mike XXL - South Carolina

If you and your friends are already excited to see Channing Tatum and the gang reassemble this summer, a girl's trip to Myrtle Beach is a must. In the sequel to the surprise smash of 2012, we see the boys regroup for a pilgrimage to South Carolina… for a stripping convention. Obviously.


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