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Many of us board our pets while we're away and one of the added benefits of home exchange is that often you find like-minded travellers who are happy to take care of your furry friends during your home swap. Sometimes it's nice to bring the whole gang along though, so we've rounded up of our top five destinations for pet owners






Paris tops our list, with more pet-friendly properties here than in any other city in the 160+ country strong Love Home Swap network. For dog-owners, Paris is notoriously dog-friendly and France has one of the highest human to dog ratios in the world, with one dog for every 6 people.


While many of London's café's and restaurants prefer you to keep your four-legged friends outdoors, with so many parks there's plenty for your pets to explore in the big city. Not just for dogs either - occasionally you'll even catch locals walking their cats on leads here.







Like many large cities, Montreal can be hit and miss with pets - particularly dogs. For a good idea of spots in the city where your pooch can come too, check out this guide. Stick to the rules and the whole family will have a trip to remember.

New York

Once voted as the USA's most pet-friendly city (according to Animal Fair), it's no surprised to see New York bag the spot of our most four-legged-accommodating city. From bars and restaurants right through to hair salon's - if you look hard enough you'll find a pet-friendly spot for everything in the city that never sleeps.







Unsurprisingly Amsterdam scored pretty highly on the number of properties permitting pets in the Love Home Swap listings. Unsurprising because Amsterdam is currently the only country with a political party which stands for improving animal welfare which holds seats in parliament.






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