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Countries across the world have been celebrating Easter this weekend. While many of us have been tucking into our chocolate eggs, others have been enjoying some different treats. Here's what Easter treats look like across the globe.

The UK - The Creme Egg

Chocolate giant Cadbury's tends to rule the roost in the UK where Easter chocolate is concerned. Make that all chocolate year-round come to think of it. One particular Easter egg seems to reign supreme though, and that's the Creme Egg, a small chocolate egg containing a sweet white and yellow fondant filling. Don't over indulge too much though, apparently it'll take you 20 minutes of skipping to burn off a single one.


Australia - The Elegant Rabbit

Made by 'Red Tulip', Mr & Mrs Elegant Rabbit dominate the confectionary aisles during the Easter period in Australia. These foot-long bunnies have fallen from grace slightly in recent years though, after Cadbury's (who have owned Red Tulip since the 80s) apparently changed the beloved recipe. There was even a petition to change the recipe back.


South Africa - Beacon Marshmallow Eggs

Beacon is South Africa's most popular candy-maker. During Easter they sell an array of themed treats, including white eggs, filled with chocolate, and the Beacon bunnies. It's their marshmallow eggs people really go crazy for though, having become something of a South African tradition.


A photo posted by Franzel Allen (@iamfranzel) on Apr 2, 2015 at 5:10am PDT


The USA - Peeps

Speak to any American and they will tell you; Easter isn't Easter without Peeps. These marshmallowy little treats are everywhere during the Easter holidays and although they also come in bunny and egg shapes, it's the original yellow chicks that people seem to love best. Despite being Easter-themed, Peeps are actually available all year-round in the US as Peeps Minis.


A photo posted by Caitlin (@caitlinr24) on Apr 2, 2015 at 5:47am PDT


Brazil - Paçoca de Amendoim

More commonly known as just paçoca, this treat is sweet, salty and nutty and made from ground peanuts, sugar and cassava flour. It's often likened the middle of Reece's peanut butter cups and was traditionally eaten during lent to provide energy and during this period of fasting. Nowadays it's just a versatile and delicious treat, commonly eaten on Good Friday in Brazil.


A photo posted by Felipe Almeida (@almeida1984) on Mar 31, 2015 at 5:32pm PDT


France - Chocolate fish

Chocolate Easter bunnies are synonymous with Easter the world-over, but in France you'll also see chocolate fish called Poisson d'Avril or April fish. Poisson d'Avril originates from a traditional French April Fool's Day prank, where children stick paper fish on people's backs, but now exist in chocolate form that hit the shelves on April 1st and stay through till the end of Easter.


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