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At Love Home Swap, we're passionate about the wonderful world of home swapping. While we champion staying in ‘real’ properties, there’s also huge scope for luxury travel through our site. Staying in the type of places that would cost a fortune if you were to rent them, our members save oodles of money every time they home swap, meaning they can afford to travel more regularly - and now we’d like to show you the facts behind this statement! Conde Nast recently revealed some of the most expensive areas around the world for short-term rentals. For each of the properties below, we've taken real figures from the well-known rental sites that they're listed on, and we've compared this to the cost of staying in a similarly indulgent property that's listed on Love Home Swap. Take a look at our sums, and you'll quickly see why home swapping is the best way to take a luxury holiday for less!

Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, French Alps

Chamonix-Mont-Blanc is famous for its stunning snowy mountains and luxury ski chalets – and according to this article on, it’s the fourth most expensive city to rent a property in France! On well-known short-term rental sites, properties just like this one are available for a staggering £6,925 for a week's holiday in August. If you want to be a bit more money-savvy, then this extremely luxurious five-bed chalet in Chamonix is available on Love Home Swap. With 360-degree views over the mountains and even a private hot tub to bathe in while taking in the extraordinary scenery, this chalet offers all the luxuries you could need - for just £96 a year.


Miami, USA

Miami is noted by Conde Nast as being one of the most expensive areas for short-term rentals, and we can see why, as the properties surrounding Miami Beach are oozing luxury with their glass walls and Olympic-sized pools! At Love Home Swap, we have various lovely properties based in Miami but this one in specific emanates luxury and is easily on par with some of the vast mansions you can rent elsewhere. This stunning, contemporary home features four bedrooms, a private pool, steam room and bar elevator, all of which is situated on your own private, guarded island! On well-known short-term rental sites, properties just like this are available for an eye-watering £23,343 for a week's holiday in August. Compare that to unlimited travel with Love Home Swap for £96 a year, and we think we can all agree that home swapping is the most cost-effective way to stay in Miami.



Los Angeles, USA

Los Angeles is famous for its A-list celebrities and luxurious mansions. If you want to experience Los Angeles in style, we’ll show you why home swapping is the only way! This gorgeous, modern home is available to our members, offering its guests a private pool, perfectly groomed backyard, chef’s kitchen and four spacious bedrooms. Plus, it's based in the Marina del Rey district of Los Angeles, which is only a short walk from the iconic Venice Beach. On well-known short-term rental sites, properties just like this one are available for a whopping £6,996 for a week's holiday in August (versus £96 per year with Love Home Swap). The price comparison is nothing short of outrageous.



Reykjavik, Iceland

Reykjavik, is also one of the most expensive areas for short-term rentals, with luxury properties going for £676 per night in August – which is a jaw-dropping £4,732 for a week! Instead of renting, why not swap your home for a luxury pad in Iceland like this stunning apartment on Love Home Swap? This stylish one-bedroom apartment is situated in downtown Reykjavik and features plush interiors, making it the perfect bolthole for a romantic getaway - all for just the small cost of your Love Home Swap membership!




Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is a very popular tourist destination due to its famous canals, museums and houses. But thanks to its popularity, finding a nice place to stay on a budget can be exceedingly difficult. A luxury rental can reach prices of £1,000 per night for a four-bedroom house, whereas with home swapping, you can pay just your annual membership to stay in a luxurious Dutch property like this stunning repurposed supermarket! This home features four bedrooms and sleeps up to seven guests, and it is situated in the dynamic neighbourhood of Jordaan, which is walking distance from Westerpark and close to the Anne Frank House. On well-known short-term rental sites, this exact same property is available for a huge £6,932 for a week's holiday in August.



Sydney, Australia

Sydney, the oldest and biggest city in Australia is a popular destination with tourists because of its laidback outdoor lifestyle, buzzing nightlife and world-class restaurants. So it’s no surprise that Sydney is also one of the most expensive locations in the world to holiday in! On top of this, if you want to go on an indulgent break in Sydney, you can be looking at prices of £425 a night for a luxury holiday rental - which is why many of our members choose to home swap in Sydney. So step into the shoes of someone else, with an enviable break in this impressive five-bedroom home near the city centre. This luxurious property offers a private pool, with stunning sunsets from your own private backyard. On well-known short-term rental sites, properties just like this are available for a huge £2,974 for a week's holiday in August. Ouch.



New York, USA

With its rich history and plethora of exciting tourist destinations, it’s really no surprise that New York City is noted as one of the most expensive places in the world for short-term rentals - and finding a high-end place to stay in the most sought-after districts within Manhattan is even more difficult. At Love Home Swap, you could stay in properties like this luxurious Manhattan townhouse which is located in Chelsea, a district known for its expensive real estate and wealthy residents! This beautiful home offers six floors of lavish interiors and architecturally-contrived spaces with seven bathrooms and six bedrooms to choose from. What's more, it features a private backyard with a grill for barbecues in summer - a feature that’s hard to come by in central Manhattan! On well-known short-term rental sites, properties just like this one are available for a huge £1,169 for a week's holiday in August.



The Hamptons, USA

Ninety minutes from Manhattan is The Hamptons, an area that is just as in-demand as New York. And just like NYC, it’s equally difficult to find affordable places to stay. Known for its mansions, A-listers and white parties, The Hamptons would usually be a write-off for those looking to travel on a budget. However, with home swapping The Hamptons can be on your bucket list! Our members can enjoy a luxury Hampton residence like this vast Southampton retreat with five bedrooms, a pool and its own private cinema. Situated a mere twelve minutes from the Atlantic Ocean, this home is perfect for an indulgent family swap with all the necessities you could desire. On well-known short-term rental sites, homes like this one are available for a staggering £14,318 for a week's holiday in August. Yes, that’s £14,318 for just a one-week break – versus a mere £96 for your annual membership with Love Home Swap!



Seattle, USA

Seattle is another city in the United States that is marked as being one of the most expensive areas for short-term rentals. World-renowned for The Space Needle which makes Seattle’s skyline so iconic along with its famous Pioneer Sqaure and other fantastic tourist sights, Seattle should be on every travel-lovers ‘must-visit’ list. But getting to stay at a centrally-located property is an immensely pricey affair, coming in at around £637 a night to rent a three-bed property. So to reiterate, why rent when you could swap?! This stunning, waterfront Seattle home on our site offers panoramic views of Elliot Bay. With three bedrooms, stunning interiors and a central Seattle location, this is the perfect luxury swap. On well-known short-term rental sites, homes like this one are available for £4,462 for a week's holiday in August.



London, UK

London is renowned for being expensive, whether you’re living there, renting or staying in a hotel. London offers a wealth of historical sights, fabulous nightlife, theatres, markets and more, so it’s understandably a hugely popular destination to visit. But finding a property to rent in London for families can be challenging, especially if you’re looking to stay in a something a little plush! With Love Home Swap, you can stay in exclusive properties like this huge six-bedroom mansion which even features an indoor pool, a home gym and a fully kitted-out home cinema! Homes like this are hard to come by in London and on well-known short-term rental sites, they are available for a staggering £4,550 for a week's holiday in August. So tell us, would you rather spend more than £4,500 on a break – or would you prefer to enjoy unlimited travel with an annual Love Home Swap membership for just £96?!



Washington DC, USA

Last, but certainly not least, is Washington DC, a very popular destination for those wanting to see The United States capital. With The Lincoln Memorial and of course, The White House, the prospect of an extravagant break in Washington is really quite exciting. But like the other places mentioned, centrally located four-bed properties can go for £182 or more for a night. So if you’re seeking a luxury escape, try this stunning townhouse which is perfectly situated near all the tourist destinations that Washington DC has to offer. With a chef-standard kitchen (complete with marble finishes and bright interiors), this home is a must-have for a luxe swap. On well-known rental sites, properties just like this townhouse are available for £1,272 for a week's holiday in August - or dust off your credit card, and treat yourself to no-strings travel with an annual Love Home Swap membership. At £96 per year, it’ll be the best money you ever spent!



If this article has inspired you to find out more about how you can save money through Love Home Swap, then you might be interested in reading Greg and Fiona’s story about how they have saved $248,000 so far! If you’re looking for more luxury inspiration, then have a read of The best home swaps with a view, or browse the blog to get some more inspiration for your next break. And don’t forget that we have over 18,000 stunning homes available on our site, so don’t hesitate to give our Customer Service team a call if you’d like more options for your luxe getaway! Alternatively, head to our Facebook groups to strike up a conversation with our friendly community - and share your adventures with us on our social media channels! Simply use the hashtag #welovehomeswap to connect with us.  

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