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We get it – booking a trip abroad can be tricky in the current climate. So whether you’re fortunate enough to be able to travel abroad in the coming weeks (lucky you!) or you’re looking ahead to next year, we’ve got some top tips on the best places to visit at the end of summer, plus some helpful hints on how to secure a last-minute home swap.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Late summer is the perfect time to visit Croatia. Temperatures are still in the mid to high twenties, but the peak season that brings crowds of tourists and holidaymakers will have quieted down, and travel costs will likely be much less. Our top pick would be the ancient walled city of Dubrovnik located off the Adriatic coast. The old town is entirely pedestrianised, making it the perfect place to wander the winding cobbled side streets, enjoy a cold pint of Ožujsko and watch the world go by.

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 View of the Old Town of Dubrovnik, Croatia
The Old Town of Dubrovnik, Croatia


Galway, Ireland

Arguably Ireland’s most scenic city, Galway is a pleasure to visit any month of the year. However, one huge draw to this magical city is the world-renowned Oyster Festival which runs on the last week of September every year. Stroll along its picturesque harbour and tuck into the famous oysters themselves, accompanied by a stout or a glass of Champagne.

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 Row of colourful terrace fisherman cottages in Galway, Ireland
Galway, Ireland


Cape Town, South Africa

As it’s a ‘shoulder’ season, September is a relatively quiet time to visit the capital city of South Africa. Furthermore, spring will be in the air, which makes it the perfect time to visit for any nature lovers. Take the opportunity to go whale-watching, while safaris are additionally special as many animals will be giving birth or have young ones. We’d also recommend catching the last of the wildflower season by enjoying a road trip along ‘The Garden Route’ coastline, and make sure you take a quick detour to Cango Caves.

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 Panoramic view of Cape Town from above
Cape Town, South Africa


Utah, USA

Utah is known for its jaw-dropping landscapes, so much so the state has an incredible five national parks. However, such landscapes come with crowds, and in the summer peak season you can experience major congestion and queues to see these natural wonders. However, explore Utah off-season in September and you’ll enjoy extra-terrestrial views of rusty red canyons and pink skies. We’d recommend fitting in a hike during your stay, our top pick being hiking through the slot canyons along the Virgin River (here are some more great hiking trails in Zion National Park).

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  Arches National Park, Utah
Arches National Park, Utah 


Buenos Aires, Argentina

As the cool of winter starts to wear off, the colourful city comes alive again, and the streets are filled with colourful street art, fashionable boutique stores and quirky and cosy coffee shops. With streets lined with trees and bike-friendly roads, this city is a pleasure to explore slowly – which is even better given September is relatively quiet time to visit this capital. Whilst you’re here, make sure you enjoy what will almost certainly be the best steak of your life, washed down with local tipple Fernet and Coke – or perhaps a lovely glass of Malbec!

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 View over buildings of Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires, Argentina 



Although many tour guides recommend visiting this country in spring to enjoy the famous cherry blossoms, Japan remains an incredible nation to visit any month of the year, including late summer and early autumn. Swap pastel pink blossom trees for the deep red and brown leaves, beautifully offset against the late summer skies. As the heat is less intense, it’s a particularly great time to visit some of Japan’s cities. From Tokyo to Osaka, enjoy late night ramen under the neon lights, or if countryside is more your thing, head to the hills to explore rural temples with mountain-top views.

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A rRed pagoda in Fujiyoshida, Japan with views overlooking Mt Fuji
Fujiyoshida, Japan


Lisbon, Portugal

Often topping travel-lovers' European city break bucket list, it’s not hard to see the appeal of Lisbon. Wander the hilly cobbled streets lined with candy-coloured terraced houses, and stop in one of the many coffee shops for a pasteis de nata (which is an incredibly delicious Portuguese custard tart). Hop on the iconic sunshine yellow trams out to Belém to soak up the sea views and rich history of the area. And with temperatures of 26 degrees in mid-September, it also makes a great spot for a bit of late-summer sunshine.

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 View of terracotta rooftops in the Alfama, Lisbon
The Alfama, Lisbon




How to find a last-minute home swap through Love Home Swap


Use the smart filters on our search page

It’s easy to find homes that are available or open to offers by using our smart filters. Simply filter by the month you’re looking to travel to discover homes that are available at short notice.


Try our members-only Facebook groups

Our members are always looking for new opportunities to home swap and are often flexible about where they’ll consider travelling to – some of the best adventures happen that way! If you’re also open about where you’re looking to travel to, you can post in our Facebook groups letting other members know that you’re looking for a break (don't forget to say how many people you’ll be travelling with) and any interested members will get in touch.


Use our Points system

Points are Love Home Swap’s ‘currency’. You can earn Points by hosting (or borrowing) and spend these on home swaps where your host doesn’t stay at yours. Points are a great way to travel last-minute through Love Home Swap, as there’s no need to match dates and destinations.


Need more help finding a last-minute break with Love Home Swap?

Our friendly Customer Service team are here to help. Whether you’re completely new to home swapping or you’re looking for a particular trip, our team are available by phone, email and live-chat, and you can even book a call with them. So get in touch, because we’d love to hear from you!

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