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From the tallest building in Europe to underwater hotels, the top tourist attractions of the future are pretty unique. When we first covered this topic in 2015, we listed the top 50 future world attractions that were being considered. Incredibly, more than half of those projects have now either been completed, are partially-created or are being planned for the coming years – and they’re nothing short of spectacular. We take a look at the futuristic tourist attractions that have made the grade.

Guangzhou Circle, China

The unusual circular shape of the Guangzhou Circle was apparently designed to contrast with Western sykscrapers. With the inner hole measuring 50 metres in diameter, the two circular facades of the building carry immense value as they are designed to represent a lucky number 8, with the principles of feng shui in mind. 


National Art Museum of China

Work on the new National Art Museum of China has apparently started, but there’s no completion date in sight. Designed by Jean Nouvel, the building will boast an intricately patterned and perforated façade that will wrap around part of the museum, under which there will be an indoor garden occupying a six-storey atrium.


The Goods Line, Sydney

Opened in August 2015, The Goods Line is a partly elevated urban walkway that runs from Central Station in the Sydney central business district to Darling Harbour. This fascinating regeneration scheme has brought life to the area, as the walkway follows the route of a once bustling but long neglected stretch of railway line. Boasting a number of ‘platforms’, the area has been created with public entertainment, recreation, festivals and study in mind.


Khazar Islands, Azerbaijan

Due to be completed in 2025, this would have been one of Azerbaijan’s top tourist attractions of the future. The plan had been to create 41 artificial islands which would extend 12 miles into the Caspian Sea, and would host 150 schools and 1million residents in luxurious accommodation. Some of the islands and sykscrapers were created, with Saint Tropez Beach being opened, but the project ran into trouble in 2015 and has been on-hold ever since. Azerbaijan Tower (which was meant to be the tallest building in the world) has also been temporarily shelved.


Jewel Changi Airport, Singapore

With the world’s tallest indoor waterfall (the ‘Rain Vortex’ which is 7 storeys high) and a terraced forest, this nature-themed entertainment and retail complex is located within Singapore’s Changi Airport. While many people pass through it enroute to their next flight, you’d be forgiven for visiting simply to bounce on the imaginative sky nets – so no surprises that it’s become one of Singapore’s top tourist attractions!


The Crescent in Baku, Azerbaijan

Baku, Azerbaijan’s capital city, is on the verge of a proud moment, as the hotly anticipated completion of The Crescent is due soon. This futuristic mixed-use building will be home to residential and commercial tenants, plus retail units, a business and entertainment centre and a 7-star hotel.  The lunar-inspired building is located on a man-made island in the Caspian Sea, and has been under construction since 2009!


The Museum of Tomorrow, Brazil

Described by The Guardian as ‘a little trippy, a little hippy, very worthy, but rarely dull’ Rio de Janeiro’s science and art museum is a sight to behold. Focussing on ideas rather than objects, it champions sustainable messages, with a focus on the need to change our ways in order to avoid climate disaster and social collapse.


Phoenix Towers, China

The Phoenix Towers Project in Wuhan has yet to find its feet. Once started (and completed!) the aim is for the towers to be the tallest pair of buildings in the world, standing at 1km high.  


The Lucky Knot, China

The impressive Lucky Knot bridge in Changsha is a spectacular steel pedestrian bridge that is designed to look like it has no beginning and no end. Spanning the Dragon King Harbor River in Meixi Lake District, it’s actually three bridges woven into one. Opened in October 2016 and standing at 185 metres long and 24 metres high, it’s understandably a huge draw for those looking to liven up their Instagram feeds!


Lotus Tower, Sri Lanka

Standing at 356 metres high, this is the tallest tower in South Asia. Completed in 2019, the revolving restaurant at the top is one of the highlights, though visitors also enjoy shopping here. It’s also a transmission centre for radio and television, and can be seen from 10km away.  


Dawang Mountain Resort, China

Boasting an indoor ski slope, a water park, hotel, restaurant and shopping facilities, this sleek development in Changsha is destined to become a top tourist attraction of the future. From the impressive central glass cone that provides controlled natural daylight to ‘Ice World’ through to the cantilevered outdoor swimming pool and 60m high waterfall, this mesmerising structure is bound to draw hoards of outdoor enthusiasts.


Songjiang Shimao Hotel, China

Built into an abandoned quarry about 20 miles from Shanghai, this impressive five-star hotel claims to be one of the most eco-friendly places to stay in China. Built partially underground, the hotel includes two underwater floors and a green rooftop that blends into the surrounding countryside. There’s also a restaurant that’s spanned by a 33-foot-long aquarium, making this one of the most unusual places to dine.


Hello Kitty Park, China

Costing £210million to create, this amusement park was built to celebrate Hello Kitty’s 40th anniversary. With the Hello Kitty logo on absolutely everything (from the toilet seats to the water bottles) this small park is best suited to younger children who will appreciate the tame rides.


House of Peace, Denmark

When it’s finally built, the Peace House project will surely be one of the top tourist attractions of the future! Designed to be both a building and a work of art, the cloud shaped structure in Copenhagen is the first of four intended constructions – the aim is to eventually create three more in countries around the world. Visitors will explore the attraction by drifting aimlessly in boats underneath the smooth white underside of the cloud.


Grand Egyptian Museum, Egypt

Due to be completed in late 2021, this $1billion construction will be home to around 100,000 ancient artifacts, 4,549 of which will be from the tomb of King Tutankhamun. Located just outside Cairo (and next door to the pyramids) it’s hoped that around 5million visitors will visit the attraction every year.


Cybertecture Egg, India

Located in Mumbai, this egg-shaped commercial building was created with sustainability in mind. Using less building materials than a traditional skyscraper structure, the 13-floor building has wind turbines and solar panels to generate electricity, while greywater is used for watering the elevated garden.


Lakhta Center, Russia

Standing at 462 metres high, the Lakhta Center is the tallest building in Europe. The tower was completed in 2018, and the surrounding business and public areas are now under construction – the aim is for the complex to include a scientific and educational centre, a sports zone, a children’s techno-park and a range of leisure facilities including shops and restaurants.


Funtasy Island, Indonesia

As the world’s largest eco-theme park, this impressive development will be a top tourist attraction of the future – if it’s ever completed! Over the last few years, there have been multiple delays, though construction is ongoing. Boasting a hotel, luxury villas and eight eco zones, it’s rumoured that the park will feature a multi-sensory rainforest, land and river-based safaris, snorkel and scuba zones, an interactive dolphin habitat and an aquarium where guests will be able to swim with whale sharks.


City of Dreams Hotel Tower, Macau

Featuring everything from a Parisian tea salon to an art collection on the 23rd floor, the Morpheus is comprised of two towers that are inter-connected by a sky bridge. With three voids within the building, the high-speed panoramic lifts offer an unforgettable view of the futuristic interior, while the roof-top sky pool is the perfect place to unwind.


Lofoten Opera Hotel, Norway

Comprising a mix of hotels and apartments with an amphitheatre, spa, and hiking and sea water basins, this hotly anticipated development has been delayed several times. The developers were originally anticipating a completion date of 2020 – watch this space for more news!


Sharq Crossing, Qatar

This ambitious underwater traffic system that will connect three bridges as they emerge out of the water has finally been given the go-ahead by the Qatar government. Costing 21.2 billion euros ($12billion US dollars), the aim is for the system to transport 6,000 vehicles per hour. It may not sound like a tourist attraction, but one of the bridges will also host a park and food outlet, a park-like glass walkway and a funicular cable car for visitors.


Taipei Performing Arts Centre,Taiwan

The Taipei Performing Arts Centre is an unwordly sight! Described as being the bridge between people and art, the structure is designed to look like a planet floating in the air. Connecting three theatres with an outdoor viewing deck, it’s one of Taiwan’s most popular tourist destinations.


King Power Mahanakhon, Thailand

Formerly known as MahaNakhon, the King Power Mahanakhon boasts a futuristic pixelated glass façade and 77 floors – plus an impressive view over Bangkok. Featuring Thailand’s highest observation deck at 314 metres, test your nerve by stepping out onto the glass platform. 



This iconic plus-shaped floating pool looks like it has finally got the green light. Set to be created within the Hudson River in New York, the pool will filter and clean 600,000 gallons of water from the river every day. Featuring four ‘arms’, each will serve a different purposes: for children, sport, swimming laps and lounging – and it will inevitably quickly become New York’s top tourist attraction of the future.


Spaceport America, USA

This unusual building is ahead of its time. Designed and built in anticipation of commercial space flights, it won’t become a tourist attraction until you can hitch a ride with an astronaut, Until then, use your imagination with this interactive spaceship virtual reality experience.


Lucas Museum of Narrative Art, USA

Founded by Star Wars filmmaker George Lucas, this museum will open in 2023. Currently under construction in Los Angeles’s Exposition Park, the museum will feature galleries, state-of-the-art cinematic theatres, learning and engagement spaces, open green spaces, restaurants, shopping opportunities and an event space.


Crazy Horse Memorial, USA

With no end date in sight, this memorial – which will be the world’s largest sculpture – has been under construction since 1948! When it is eventually completed, it will be 563’ high and 641’ long. While it might not be completed any time soon, tourists can still head to the visitor centre to see the work in progress.


When we originally created this blog (back in 2015), these were the top 50 future world attractions - all condensed neatly into a helpful infographic! 

These top tourist attractions of the future are fascinating to read about – but even more impressive when you see them in person! So what better excuse to arrange a home swap, than to cook up plans for a visit to the King Power Mahanakhon in Thailand or the Lotus Tower in Sri Lanka?! To start making plans to see a futuristic tourist attraction, then head to our Facebook groups to strike up a conversation with our friendly community - you could even combine your adventure with a visit to one of our top secret destinations! Whether you're travelling with friends and family or solo, there's so much to enjoy (and if you do happen to be travelling alone, then you might find this blog on travelling solo helpful). And don’t forget that wherever you go, and whatever tourist attraction you choose to visit, we want to share in your fun! Simply use the hashtag #welovehomeswap to connect with us.  If you'd like to share your swap story, get in touch with us! 

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