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More people are now visiting Japan than ever before. Since this article was first written in 2013, the number of tourists to this Asian nation have doubled to a whopping 24million.  So what’s all the fuss about? This varied country offers exquisite natural landscapes contrasted by the nation’s uber-modern cities. With a rich history and varied cultures, here’s the top 5 reasons why Japan has become a must-see destination more than ever before: 

1. The City Experience

Japan's capital city and the worlds most populated metropolis, Tokyo offers a paradise for shoppers and those in search for entertainment, culture and traditional dining. Shibuya, located in Western parts , is one of Tokyo's most colourful and busiest districts.


2. The Cherry Blossoms

Uneo Park in Tokyo is famous for its Cherry Blossom bloom during late March to early April where over 1000 trees line the park's central pathway and becoming one of Tokyo's most popular and lively spots. The Park is also home to its many museums including the Tokyo National Museum, The National Museum of Western Art, The National Science Museum and Uneo Zoo, a must visit!


3. The Sushi

The popular Japanese delicacy is a must have in while visiting, dipped (fish-side down) using your hands and with chopsticks to pick up some sweet picked ginger in between bites. Take a dip of wasabi.. if you dare.


4. The Finest Japanese Architecture and Garden design

Katsura Imperial Villa is a must visit for those who love culture and enjoy walks around ancient Japan and it's numerous temples, shrines and castles. The villa was completed in 1645 and has been the home for the Katsura family, members of the Imperial Family.


5. The Relaxing Hot Springs

The conventional hot springs is a hot water bath filled with different minerals dissolved in the water and creating different colours and scents. They can be either indoors or outdoors, with some natural springs are located among beautiful mountains, valleys and lakes.


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