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Love Home Swap is one of the world’s leading home swapping platforms. Discover all the amazing reasons why your next trip should be a home swap.

1. It’s a low-cost way to vacation

Love Home Swap’s annual fee starts from £96 for the year (that’s 108 euros or $132 US dollars) with an additional small fee for certain types of home swaps. On average our members save on average $3,500 a year on their travel accommodation, with this family in the UK saving over £4,000! This means you can save money without compromising your travel plans.



“We have done five home swaps and each one was a real pleasure. I am recommending it to all my friends. It’s certainly a way for South Africans to travel abroad with our weak currency!”  – Bridget, South Africa


“Love home swap is the best thing we have done. Every swap has been brilliant and we can travel the world with no accommodation costs. What’s not to like?!”  – Rebecca, UK



2. You get to feel like a local

With Love Home Swap you can feel like you’re actually living in your travel destination, not just visiting. These homes have personality with personal touches throughout. And best of all they are located in neighbourhoods where locals live and are further away from the crowds of tourists and hotel blocks. This way you can always travel and feel like a local, not a tourist.


“Amazing experience, very warm and familiar way of travel, a lifestyle that give you the possibility of traveling with the experience of living like locals.”  – Carmen, Spain






3. You’ll discover new destinations

One of the most common things we hear from our members is how they have travelled to amazing destinations they never previously would have considered, or in some cases, even heard about before Love Home Swap. From searching for Crete and ended up with a home swap to Vancouver, home swapping can be a great way to explore amazing destinations and unexpected adventures you’d never dreamt of before.



“I had not planned to visit some of the destinations that I have. What a fantastic surprise it is when someone offers to swap with you from a place you weren't expecting. It's a great adventure!”  – Amanda, USA


“Since joining Love Home Swap three months ago we have already agreed three swaps. It’s a great way to travel where you can find true gems and get to stay in homes and places you never thought you would.”  – Javert, Australia



You might be looking for one destination and end up recieving swap requests from amazing homes like this log cabin in California. 

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4. It’s a great way to meet new people

Home swapping is about much more than the home you stay in, it’s also about the amazing people you meet through your travels. One of the best things about home swapping is the advice and travel tips you receive from your hosts and vice versa.



“A fabulous way to travel the world and live like a local.  I really enjoy being a host and showing off all that beautiful West Cork in Ireland has to offer.”  Fiona, Ireland


“You know what really lasts from travels using home swapping? It's the friendships that you make. I've been given lovely gifts from some of my guests, sent Christmas cards to others and messaged through the site to welcome someone to their new home in my area.” - Amanda, USA



Amanda on one of her 22 home swaps she has done on Love Home Swap


5. You feel more at home

Love Home Swap members stay in real homes in real communities. Gone are the days of cold, impersonal hotel rooms and instead you can now enjoy a variety of homes with their own unique personalities.

By having all the convenience of home at your fingertips, home swappers can enjoy a more relaxed pace of holidaying. Including dining in, enjoying movie nights together and lie-ins with breakfast in bed. You can also save money by packing only hand luggage and making the most of washing machines and also children can enjoy the toys left by their hosts.



“This, by far, beat any stay we had had previously in rather expensive and somewhat cramped small hotel suites where we ate out for nearly every meal out of pure convenience. Our girls can have enough space to have fun and burn some energy and they might even have ‘new’ toys to play with. Not to mention we can enjoy a full kitchen and we could have meals around a table as a family just as we did back home”  – Kasia and Luigi, Spain




Due to the savings made on accommodation, home swappers tend to travel for longer periods and can take their time to explore destinations without the need to rush. Take the time to explore local markets, the best coffee spots and bakeries and spread out the classic tourist attractions over a week rather than cram into 3 intense days.

As one of our members Simon said recently when he spoke to Lonely Planet about home swapping,

“Don’t spend your whole time going from one place to the next, get to know one place. Swapping is very, very good for that." (via Lonely Planet)


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