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Christmas is a time for relaxing with family and the ones that matter most. Sometimes in order to do that the best bet is going on holiday somewhere new and exciting for a change of scene. This sounds like the dream to most families, but I’m sure you’re all aware that sometimes when travelling with kids this isn’t the case. In order to make this a reality, we’ve come up with our top suggestions on how to holiday as a family this Christmas. 

Pick the right destination

Think about what you’re looking for out of the holiday – are you looking for a winter wonderland? Something cosy and quiet? Or somewhere hot and relaxing? It can be a bit tricky convincing kids of no Christmas trees and sleighs in exchange for beaches and sunbathing – so it’s best to decide this early to manage expectations.


Consider an early Christmas

If the idea of lugging a suitcase of presents round doesn’t sound too appealing, there’s always the option to celebrate the day early at home. This keeps the kids happy as they get excited about the pre-festivities and also means they get the best of both worlds – Santa and Christmas trees plus sandy beaches and palm trees.


Choose experiences over presents

Following from the last point, to save on luggage and space (and wrapping paper) opt for experiences over tangible gifts. This way, you can keep the kids happy and busy during the trip (to avoid any bouts of homesickness) and create some long-lasting memories. Why not visit the theatre? Or if you’re heading for heat a scuba diving lesson? Not only does this make a great gift but also makes the experience all that more memorable.


Take in the local traditions

Part of the fun about being away for Christmas is experiencing something completely new. Magical Lapland or a snowy ski trip to Colorado are great escapes for a ‘winter wonderland’ feel, but if you’re going somewhere that doesn’t celebrate Christmas or has a completely different landscape (North Africa, South East Asia or the Middle East), it’s important to take in the local culture. Instead of Turkey, have a selection of local dishes for your Christmas day feast. Instead of going to midnight mass, visit other places of worship or temples to educate your kids on the diversity of different cultures.


Bring some Christmas with you

We’re not saying to pack a tree and everything that comes with it, but sometimes stockings for the morning can show your little ones that Santa does deliver gifts all across the globe, not just in your local town. It may also be a nice idea to keep the kids busy with some activities whilst away (think arts and crafts) to keep them occupied in the evenings after a long day of exploring. 


Get in contact with the family back home

If it’s not going to be the whole family together this Christmas, make sure to give a quick video call to the grandparents, aunts and uncles back home. Make sure you have your chosen apps and devices organised and ready to go and that your internet connection is good.


Plan in advance

A Christmas abroad can be one of the most amazing experiences for kids, but can also be one of the busiest times of the year for holidays. Make sure you book and plan in advance to avoid disappointment and get the holiday you were looking for. Book flights in advance and choose a home swap over booking an apartment or hotel. We recommend giving plenty of time to search for your swap, so a couple of months searching before your departure date is recommended. 


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