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You can now earn Points when other members stay at your home whilst you're away, and then use those Points to book trips for yourself to stylish homes in dream destinations. And as an added bonus we're giving you double points for the first Points trip you agree to your property.

We've recently improved our site and are awarding all paying members of the club double points for the first Points trip that they agree..

How does the double points offer work?

When both members have agreed the Points trip on-site, the host's account will be credited with double points. So if you have a guest staying at your property for 7 nights, you would normally receive 700 points. But if it's your first trip, you'll get 1400!

You can seach for homes available on points by selecting the 'Points' option from the drop down box on the search page.

Our Points system is available exclusively to paying members of the club. If you're not currently a full member, claim one of our membership options here or contact our Member Concierge team to upgrade.

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