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Often, we are asked how to be a great host when home swapping (where you can see our helpful checklist here) but equally as important is how to be a great guest. Home swapping is all about respecting one another within the community, so here are our top tips for being the perfect guest on your next home swap

1. Read the listing carefully, especially the calendar

Home swappers love providing a great experience to their guests, so invest time building their profiles and adding that personal touch. What many members do get tired of are answers that can be found on their profile, like ‘are you available during this time?’, ‘is there public transport nearby?’ or ‘how many does your home sleep?’.

All this information can often be found in their profile so be sure to double check before asking. If your host has put ‘open to offers’ in their calendar be sure to specify the exact dates that you are looking to travel. 


2. ID Verify your profile

Safety and security are important factors when home exchanging. A simple, quick and easy way to let your host know that you are a safe person to home swap with (which makes you more likely to see responses to your requests) is by becoming verified by Love Home Swap. 


3. Be personable but concise

Home swapping is all about getting to know your guests that will be staying in your home, so it’s important to give a bit of personality behind your swap request. But like everyone else, home swappers are busy people so don’t have the time to read an essay of a message. We recommend:

- Where you are from

- Why you are travelling

- Who will be swapping with you (and how many)


4. Keep the conversation online

Communication is so important when home swapping. Whatever kind of home swap you are doing, having a trackable record of your booking and planning of your swap is key. If our customer services team can’t trace your conversations through our onsite messaging service, we won’t be able to assist in any queries that may arise later.

We always recommend speaking to your home swap partner before your swap, which can be done on other services, however key conversations like arrival date and time, what you have agreed to in your swap (i.e. car swapping too) should always be on the platform.


5. Plan to exchange keys before departing

No one wants to be stuck outside their home swap after a long flight to your destination. We always recommend confirming how you will pick up your hosts keys before your journey. Common ways that members hand over keys is through key boxes, giving them to a neighbour or friend or leaving in a safe place i.e. a local café.

Find out other ways to exchange keys 

Avoid awkward hiccups when home swapping by organising key picking before departing for your home swap


6. Replace any consumables

Many hosts leave guests a range of goods for their guests. This can range from essentials like salt and pepper, to leaving a welcome hamper. Be sure to replace any goods that you use up or at least let your host know that they are running low for future guests.


7. Be clear on expectations

Everyone home swaps in a different way, and with that comes certain expectations. Often homes on the platform are member’s main homes – so they are likely to have their personal items around the house. Be clear with your host before arrival if there is anything you specifically require or if you need anything for your host.


Key things to ask before leaving:

- Are linen and towels provided?

- Do we need to pack essentials i.e. cooking oil, spices, washing powder etc?

- Is there a crib/ high chair? (for families)

- Will we need to clean the home before leaving?

- Will we need to do anything during our stay i.e. take the trash out, water plants etc?


Check with your host whether there are any ‘day to day’ responsibilities like tending to plants


8. Follow their house rules

Whether their home is part of a community complex, or a villa in the rural countryside – often hosts will have a set of house rules to follow for their guests during their stay. Your host will likely make you aware of these rules after confirming your swap, but if you have yet to receive any information before your trip be sure to remind them to share this with you. 

Common requirements may be:

- Limit noise after 10pm
- No guests or sleepovers
- No pets allowed
- No smoking
- Always display parking permit


9. Be quick to reply

We always encourage our members to reply to everyone, even if it’s a polite ‘no’. Equally, if you are sending requests and speaking to potential home swappers we always encourage a quick response rate to speed up the process and aviod wasting anyone's time. 


10. Always leave a review

Home swapping is about building trust and a sense of community, and one of the easiest and most effective ways of doing this and rewarding your host is by leaving a detailed review.

Not only does this make your host’s profile look good and well-trusted, it also helps future home swappers with your recommendations. Be sure to leave a well-rounded review and include details from your home, your host and what you got up to. If you do have a complaint, then make sure you are fair in your criticism and get in touch with our customer services team if any issues arise during your swap.



Have any other advice to share with the home swapping community? Let us know your tips by using the hashtag #lovehomeswap on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook or drop us an email at

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