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In this guide, we’ll explain all the steps to leave a home swap trip review on Love Home Swap.

What are trip reviews and why do they matter?

A trip review is the feedback given by a guest after their stay in another member’s home. Trip reviews are an opportunity to share your experiences with other members; where you can let others know how your home swap went, the things you found to be better than your expectations, and perhaps share some feedback with your host.


How to find your reviews

Members are notified with an email once they have completed a home swap, and they also have a notification waiting for them when they visit ‘My Account’. These serve as great reminders if you’re on the go, or have multiple swaps booked.


How to leave a trip review (Step by Step)

1. Login to your Love Home Swap account

2. Head to ‘My Account’ and scroll down to the area titled ‘Review your trips’. This is where you will find any outstanding review requests.


3. Click on the link called ‘Review my trip’ where you will then be presented with the Review form.

4. Once on this page, you will be able to rate your trip based off categories including location, cleanliness, property description, comfort and communication with your host.

5. After rating your swap, you will have the chance to write your review, going into more detail so that you can leave your host the best feedback of your stay.


 6. Once complete, you can hit the pink leave a review’ button to confirm your entry.

Once submitted, the review will be looked at by the Customer Service Team in-house before it is posted to the listing of your host.


Who benefits from swap reviews?

Reviews are a great way to say thanks and give feedback to your host and helps build trust in their profile for future home swappers looking to swap for their home. It’s also great for the guest as by leaving reviews helps boost your profile in the search results.


Need help leaving a trip review?

Need any help? Get in touch with our team or search our blog for further assistance.

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