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Discover how to send that perfect first message, whether you’re new to home swapping or a home swapping pro!

So, you’ve searched homes to swap, found the perfect property for your trip and now it’s time to send your swap request. In this guide our customer services and swapping expert Amal will provide a step by step guide on how to send a home swap request, as well as some of our team’s top tips.


Steps on how to send a request


Step 1: Check availability

Before you send a swap request, we always recommend reviewing the member’s availability in their calendar section of their profile. Areas that are blocked off red are unavailable, areas that are green are available and areas that are grey are open for offers.  

Once you know that your host is either available or open to swap opportunities, it’s time to send your swap request!


Step 2: Writing a request

When writing your swap request, we recommend that you first introduce yourself and highlight your travel plans. This is the perfect time to mention why you are interested in their specific location - are you travelling for leisure, business etc.?

Most of our members will be familiar with receiving requests from all around the world, so you must make sure that your request stands out. This is especially a top tip for requests to places such as New York, Paris and Bali which are all in high demand.

To send your swap request, just click the 'Request now' button on the right hand side of the property listing. 

Once you click this button, you will see a pop up display like below. In your message it's important to be personal, consise and original. Aviod messages that are blunt, generic and not personal to you. 


Good example of a first message:

“Hi, I am planning a trip to your area next Spring and was wondering whether you might have availability for a swap? I am traveling to visit family who live close by, and wanted a base for my week long trip. Please take a look at my profile as I can see my area is one of your Dream Destinations. I can do a swap or a Points trip! Looking forward to hearing back from you!”

Messages to avoid:

“Hi, I want to swap. I need 10-15 October. Please get back to me”


Step 3: Select your dates

Next, it’s time to add your dates for travel. Are you looking to travel on certain dates or are you quite flexible with when you travel?

Members who are travelling for work-related purposes and families who need to travel during school breaks tend to know their dates roughly.

These specifics make all the difference, and whilst you have the option of adding dates or leaving it as ‘I don’t mind’ for now, it’s still worth going into a little more detail in your personal message to the host.



Step 4: Select your Trip Type

There are many flexible ways to home swap with Love Home Swap, so it helps if you know what type of swap you would like to take. You can select your preferred way to swap by clicking '2. Select your preferred way to travel'. Although similarly to your dates, this can always be decided later.

If you are interested in a Classic swap, make sure to point out why you think your home would be the perfect swap for the host you are contacting. Maybe they have indicated your location as a ‘Dream Destination’ . Perhaps they have mentioned a love of nature and rural retreats in their ‘More About Us’ section and you live in the perfect spot to take advantage of hiking trails.

These small details let the host know that you have had a look over their profile before sending over that first request, and makes you stand out from the crowd!


Step 5: Have fun!

Finally, we recommend that you have fun with the process. Half of the excitement with planning a holiday comes from looking at different options and discovering new places along the way!

Need any assistance? Get in touch with our team or search our blog for further assistance.

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