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In this guide, find out what dream destinations are, why it's important to keep your Dream Destinations up to date, how to update and add to your Dream Destinations and how to use our 'reverse search' feature.

What are Dream Destinations?

Dream destinations are a way for other members of Love Home Swap to see where you are looking to swap to. This will appear on your property listing under your ‘About us’ section.



What can I add to my Dream Destinations?

You can add any destinations that are on your travel bucket list. This can range from cities or areas to entire countries. If you’re not sure where you’d like to go, you can select ‘Anywhere’.


How to update your Dream Destinations

Updating your Dream Destinations on your profile regularly is not only important to showcase where you are looking to go, but also helps others find out if you would be the best match for a swap, as can be done through the reverse search filter available on the platform.


Step 1: Head to ‘My Profile’ when you are logged in to your account. This is where you will need to add in locations you are interested in travelling to. 


When updating the ‘Dream Destinations’, you will be presented with the option to select ‘Open to travelling anywhere’ which will appear as ‘Anywhere’ in your property listing. This showcases your flexibility to other members, but we also recommend adding any specific locations you are wanting to visit to your Dream Destinations.


Step 2: Start adding in some destinations of your choice. Make sure to press the blue ‘Add’ button after each location is entered.



Top Tip: Remember that you have 5 locations including ‘Anywhere’, so add as many as you can!



Step 3: When you are happy with all of your choices, make sure to scroll down the bottom of the page and press ‘Update Details’ as shown above. These then appear in your ‘Dream Destinations’ when you revisit your listing.



How to use ‘Reverse Search’

Completing and updating your ‘Dream Destinations’ as illustrated above assists with the reverse search filters available on the site. Reverse Search helps you to find the members who are interested in travelling to your location. Detailed below are the steps to locating this filter.


Step 1: Head to the main search page and put down the destination of your choice or simply click ‘Search homes’ to be presented with properties on offer around the world.



Step 2: Once you are presented with the results, select tab which reads ‘Filters’ at the top of the page.



Step 3: Once here select, click the filter which reads ‘People looking where I am only’ and then press the pink ‘Apply’ button which is located on the bottom right hand corner of the page.



Once you have applied this filter, the homes which you are presented with will be the listings of members who have chosen your location as a ‘Dream Destination’.  As they have already expressed this interest in travelling to your area, you can reference this in your request to them when you reach out. This is particularly helpful if you are looking for a Classic Swap.

Need any help? Get In Touch with our team or Search Our Blog for further assistance.

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