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In this post, we discuss why showcasing the best of your neighbourhood elevates your Love Home Swap profile to stand out among the rest as well as adding a lot of value for your guests.

If a guest is looking to visit your city, it’s safe to assume they have done their homework and have a list of places they are looking to cross off.  

But what about those small touches? Like the cute independent café near to your home that bakes those amazing croissants. Or the live music night your local pub hosts? Chances are that those visiting your home will not know about these nearby spots and would appreciate the chance to get stuck into all the delights your neighbourhood has to offer.


Why it’s important to showcase your local area 


Love Home Swap is all about community. As well as sharing homes, we share ideas, experiences and travel tips with one another.  

Our neighbourhoods are an extension of us and offer an authentic insight into what it’s like to live in your part of the world. Home swapping is a great way to avoid the crowds of the city centres and tourist hotspots, and instead choose a slower pace where the locals live.  


What to include in your neighbourhood details 


To help you think of great things near you, Love home Swap has a feature called ‘neighbourhood’ on your property listing. This includes a box to add a description of your neighbourhood, plus extra prompts such as the best restaurants, bars, cafes, shops, cultural sights, green spaces as well as the best day trips nearby. 


How to update your profile’s Neighbourhood details (Step by Step) 

1. Login your Love Home Swap account 

2. Head to ‘My Homes’ and then press ‘Edit Details’ 



3. Once you have selected this, you will be presented with a drop-down menu on the left hand side of the page. Please select ‘Neighbourhood’ from this menu.



4. Once you have filled out all the sections, scroll down to the bottom of the page and press the blue ‘Update details’ button to save all of your recommendations.


All the information you have added will be visible in your profile for members who are looking to visit your area and it can also a great source of information for those who have booked a trip with you that is coming up soon. We recommend being as detailed as possible as it keeps the community feel going and allows those travelling to your property to have a great ‘home away from home’ experience.


Need any help? Get in touch with our team or search our blog for further assistance. 

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