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Finding a pet-friendly accommodation when travelling can sometimes feel tedious and difficult. Home swapping with Love Home Swap means that you can travel freely with your furry friends without the hefty bills of kennels and catteries. Find out how home swapping can help you in one of our latest blog posts.


For many pet-owners, the thought of leaving their friends behind while they travel is enough to make you hesitant to travel altogether (especially given the hefty price tag attached). If the thought of travelling without your pet is a no-go, you’ll be happy to hear that there are options available.

One of the best options is to do a home swap. Rather than leaving your pet at home, you can bring them with you on your vacation. Or alternatively, you can travel freely and enjoy knowing that your pet is comfortable at home being cared for by your home swap guests.

How to find pet-friendly homes

Home swapping is a great travel option for animal lovers, but there are a few things to consider before travelling:


Things to consider (as a host):

Having a pet-friendly home is a great selling point for any home swappers looking to travel. However, there are still some factors that need considering before agreeing that home swap.

How to let others know you’re pet friendly


1. What kind of pets will be staying

The requirement of a home swapper with a pet will vary greatly according to the type of pet it is. What kind of pet will be staying, and how many? And if it’s a dog, what kind of dog? If you’re living in a cosy city apartment and your guests are arriving with a great Dane you’re going to want to make sure there’s enough room for the pet to be happy.


2. Who will be looking after your pets

If your home is pet-friendly, then it’s more than likely that you have some pets yourself. Be sure to confirm with your host whether there will be other animals in the home and whether they’re pets will be comfortable around yours.


3. Make it clear to other home swappers that you have pets

It’s great for pet-owners to know their pets are welcome to stay at yours, however it’s also important to warn others in case of allergies. The best way to do this is include it in your listing description and to also let your guest know during your trip discussion.


Things to consider (as a guest):


1. Always get approval first

When planning an exchange, always be sure to confirm with your host that they are happy to accommodate your pet (even if it says they’re pet friendly in their profile). For this you can give a brief description of your pet (type, breed) so the host is fully aware of everyone who will be staying in their home.


2. Be prepared for travel

If you are crossing borders with your pet, please ensure that you do your research to find out what paperwork and certificates are needed of you and your pet. This can include but isn’t limited to:

- Health and rabies certificate

- Vaccination history

- Proof of ownership


3. Prevent damages

If you are taking your pet with you on a home swap, remember to leave the home in the same (if not better!) condition than when you arrived. This means making sure that your pet is well-behaved, house trained, and comfortable travelling and staying in an unknown home. Of course accidents happen, so make sure that you come prepared with the right cleaning equipment if an accident were to arise.


How to find pet-friendly home swaps

We’ve made it easy to find homes that are happy for you to bring your pet along. Many home swappers have pets themselves and will be happy for you to bring your pet with you. To search properties that are happy to accept pets, you can go to filter > ‘Pets welcome only

You can also see on a member’s profile whether their home is pet-friendly by looking in the property features section.




How to let others know your home is pet-friendly



It’s easy to let others know you’re pet-friendly so you can come up in search results. Simply head to your account and go to ‘my homes’ section, select the property you would like to edit, click general and scroll down to flick the toggle ‘Pet friendly?


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