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You may have noticed we have introduced a new feature to Points swaps called ‘Instant’. Discover how Instant works and how it can help you travel more.

We’re excited to announce our newest feature of Points 'Instant' is now available to all members on Love Home Swap. Instant is simply swapping with Points, but instead of having to start an initial discussion, Instant allows guests to book availability instantly.


How Instant works

Instant allows you to earn and spend your Points instantly. For adding available dates with Instant you will receive the Points for those nights straight away, instead of when your home is booked. You can book other Instant homes using your Points straight away without having to message the other member first. 

Find out more about hosting for Instant

Find out more about booking Instant slots


How is Instant different compared to other ways to swap?

Unlike Direct swaps and Points swaps, you can book through Instant without having a discussion with the other member. Instead of speaking to a member before agreeing a home swap, your discussion takes place after the swap has been booked.


You can also earn Points instantly – we’ll give you Points upfront for any available dates you add. You will have a new calendar to manage your Instant availability. Any changes on this are reflected in your current calendar. This calendar can be found in the My Homes section of your account once you have joined Instant.

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Members who have already swapped with Instant



“Booking using the instant system took only a few minutes. We saw Neil's fabulous cabin at Coniston Water and the dates suited us. One click and we were booked. Neil contacted me the next day and we exchanged information which was confirmed the day before our visit. Easy. As easy as booking accommodation through any commercial system online.”

Joan from Wales who Instant swapped for The Lake District, UK

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 “Points make it easy to swap as we don’t need to match the location and the time of the trip. Now, they offer Instant Points swaps, which is really convenient when looking for a swap. With this system, we can book a swap quicker and easier than a traditional swap.” 

Hanh from Australia swapping for Melbourne

Read Hanh’s story


Hosting with Instant


Can I really earn Points instantly?

Yes, you really do. For adding available dates to your Instant calendar, we’ll give you Points up front based on their value. Their value is determined by your home’s Points per night price.

Dates you add will then be available to be booked instantly by other Instant members. You can spend these Points right away as they are yours to keep.

Can I still decide who stays in my home?

Of course, you still have control over who comes to stay. We'll give you 48 hours to decline an Instant swap from when it's booked - just drop us a line and we'll take care of it.

Can my place be booked last minute?

No need to worry about last-minute bookings. Guests will be able to book the Instant slots you add to your calendar up to 7 days before the start date. 

Make your home available on Instant


How do I set my Instant availability?

It’s super easy to get started. You can find your Instant calendar in the My Homes section of your account. From here, you can select 'Instant Calender' (below) an use the calendar to select arrival and departure dates for the booking.

From here, you will then be able to confirm your dates before you receive your Points.

NOTE: Available dates must last between 2 and 7 nights. You will have 30 nights to add in total.

How is my Instant value calculated?

When you have a completed profile, Love Home Swap’s algorithm calculates the nightly Points value for your home.

This is calculated by:
- Location of your home
- The size and quality of your home
- The time slots you have made available (i.e. high season or low season)

Hosting with Instant FAQs



Booking with Instant

How do I search for Instant swaps?

You can search for Instant swaps using our search page and filtering the travelling with section to ‘Instant’. From here, you can see the homes in your chosen area available with Instant.

You can see the first date of Instant availability (as well as how many more dates they have with Instant) and the Points per night value to the right of the Instant icon.

Can I use my current Points for Instant?

Absolutely. Your Points can be used for both regular Points swaps and Instant swaps.


Can I still do Direct swaps and Points swaps?

Of course! Instant provides you with an extra way to travel on top of your current options.

To request a direct swap or Points swap with a home listed for Instant, toggle to Classic & Points on the right hand side of their listing. The booking and agreement experience will be exactly the same as before.


How do I know when a home is available for Instant?

You can search by the month you are looking to travel, or you can also find the Instant slots available by seeing the available slots on the right-hand side of a property listing under the member information. 

Here you will also find how many nights the home is available, the number of Points required to book, and the opportunity to request a slight change in dates.

Booking with Instant FAQs


Still have some questions?

You can see more details on our Instant FAQs or feel free to get in touch to find out more.

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