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In the first of our 12 part series of blog designed to make you all Love Home Swap pros, today we're starting right at the beginning. Swapping is all about building trust, which starts with having a bio that tells people why you're a great match for them. Check out our top tips for writing a bio to bring the requests pouring in below

Get specific

Your bio is all about telling people who you are, and it's important to be specific when you do this, whether travelling as a family or with friends.

The difference between writing 'a couple with kids' and 'couple in our mid-40s with 4 kids aged between 4 and 20' can be substantial. By being more specific, potential swappers will be able to work out if they can accommodate you - helping you to attract and secure only the right kind of swaps.

Show some personality

People swap with people so show some personality and help them get to know and trust you by telling them a little about yourself.

You guys all love to travel, so that's a great starting point. Writing what you love to do on holiday and where you like to go will also help you to attract messages from the right people.

If you're interested in hiking or cooking, for example, swappers in areas with great scenery or delicious local produce might be inspired to send you a message, which could be the start of your next big adventure.

Important details

We all know the devil's in the detail, so there are some things it pays to be explicit about, so you're only attracting swaps that will work for you.

It's worth mentioning anything that's important or vital to you when you travel, such as physical requirements or swap timings (school holidays for example - you can use your calendar to do this too). Another one worth noting is if you have pets.

If you have them, make sure you declare them. It pays to be specific so if you can include a picture in your listing and also mention it in your bio so anyone with pet hair allergies can steer clear.

If you're looking for someone to watch your four-legged friends while you're away, here's the place to let people know. Many people will assume you'll board your pets, even during a home swap, so it's helpful to set this expectation early on.

Tick the boxes

The 'three things about us' bio is just part of the personal information you can use to make your listing pop.

By clicking 'My Profile' under your picture in the left-hand corner of the page, you'll be faced with multiple options which will make it easier for other swappers to search for homes like yours.

Here you'll be able to specify which countries you're hoping to visit, let people who what kind of traveller you are and this is also where you can upload that all important profile picture.

Picture perfect

On any kind of social site having no profile picture can be a major red flag and Love Home Swap is no different.

Your picture is another chance for you to show who you are. With that in mind, try to get one with everyone you'll be travelling with (if possible) and make sure it's a nice, clear picture. Pictures from holidays or doing activities you enjoy work particularly well.

It's also helpful to make sure there's some border in your picture as they'll be cropped into a circle on the Love Home Swap site.

Be social

We know three things isn't many and with all the excitement of a holiday being involved, you guys want to get to know each other quickly.

In 'My Profile' you'll have the option to connect some of your social media channels to your profile, so members can find a little more out about you.

If you use Facebook, LinkedIn or Skype you'll be able to connect these services to your profile following the steps in the below video.

So those are our top tips for a bio that brings in the swaps. Keep your eyes out for the rest of our home swap guide to set you up for home swap success.

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