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So you’ve found your perfect swap, you’ve spoken to your fellow members and you’re all set to go – but how do you actually accept the swap? In this guide we’ll give you a quick rundown on how you agree a swap, so that you can then exchange phone numbers/emails etc. 

1. Go to ‘Edit Trip Details’

Once you’ve discussed the details in the messages section, to agree a swap you first head to the discussion, and then click on ‘Edit trip details’ 

2. Choose your swap type

First decide what type of swap it is you’re going on. Is it a classic swap, Points or rental? Once you have selected this, click ‘next’. 

3. Agree your dates

In this section you can choose your arrival and departure dates. If you are taking part in a non-simultaneous swap, you can uncheck the ‘same dates’ option. This then allows you to input two separate dates (one where you’ll be travelling and one when you’ll be hosting’. 

4. Agree the trip

Now that you’ve set your swap type and dates – you can then go ahead and agree the trip by clicking on the ‘Agree trip’ green button. For a classic swap, both parties can agree the swap at any time. For a Points trip, the host must accept first, and then the traveller can agree after. 

5. Add your extras

Once you’ve accepted your trip, you can then add on any extras, for example Traveller+, which has a whole load of perks such as damage and trip protection. For more information head here

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