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Trust and safety are central to home swapping, so in this 'How to Home Swap' guide, we'll talk you through all the ways we protect you from the worst case scenario and how you can help to protect yourself

What we do

Here in the Love Home Swap nerve centre in London, we spend a lot of time thinking about how to help keep you safer when you swap - and we like to think we've made some pretty good progress in this area (if we do say so ourselves).

Here's just a few of the ways we can help to relieve your pre-swap anxiety and make sure you go into your swap feeling totally confident.

ID Authentication

The road safety is paved with trust.

Taking active steps to build that trust will help both you and fellow swappers, which is why we offer an ID verification service.

Supply us with one valid photo ID (like a driver's licence or passport) and one recent utility bill and we'll reward you with a lovely little icon on your Love Home Swap profile to say we checked you out and can vouch for your identity.

To find out more, contact our team

Trip Deposits

If you're worried about any accidents while you're away (we all know they occasionally happen) you can also opt to put down a security deposit for your trip to protect against any damages.

This should be discussed before your trip is agreed and can be finalised when you confirm the swap.

Security deposits start at £200 (that's 250€, $300 US, $350 AUS) and you can read more about these here.


We don't mean to brag, but we take your safety so seriously that we're actually first home swapping club to offer coverage with Traveller+ to our members - which is two-pronged:

Trip cancellation assistance

It's important we have a backup plan in place, so we've got one for you in the form of trip cancellation assistance, which means if the worst happens and your swapper needs to cancel your trip, we'll work with you to try to find you an alternative option through the club.

If we can't do it (although we'd like to think we can) we'll offset the cost of any travel costs incurred. Simple.

Damage Protection

Damage Protection does what it says on the tin and is for those 'oops' moments that you might not be able to avoid.

For more information on our Traveller+, including how to qualify, see our dedicated page.

How you can help...

  • - Tell us who you are. A helpful 'about us' section goes a long way to building trust. Find out how you can help yours stand out for all the right reasons in the first part of our How to Home Swap series
  • - Be honest. And get the important stuff out the way before you agree any swap. knowledge is power and keeps everyone is happier - so be up front about expectations and rules. Not sure what is important? Read our pre-swap conversations you need to have guide
  • - Take your time. Get to know each other before you agree a swap and don't lose contact in the run up to your trip. Check out our guides on how you can get to know each other better online.
  • - Don't forget about us. We're always here to help - so if something doesn't seem right or goes awry, let us know and we'll happily help.


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