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To attract potential swappers to your home, it’s vital that your profile reflects not only how amazing your home is, but also gives people a sense of who you are too. Listings that are well written, informative, and personal gain the most interest on site. So, in order to get the most out of your profile, we’ve created an everything you need to know guide on how to create the perfect listing… 

Your Property Title

Aside from your property photo and location, this is perhaps one of the first things members will read about your home – so it’s crucial that you pitch your home in the best way possible. You should aim for your opening line to be around 40 to 60 characters long, and highlight key elements of your home – such as size, location, and features.

Here are some great examples to inspire you…

“Large, traditional 4-bedroom family home with a pool”

“Luxury 3-bedroom duplex penthouse in the Upper West Side”

“Relaxing 2-bedroom sanctuary in Venice Beach”

About Our Home

A well written home description is a crucial element for any Love Home Swap profile. It doesn’t have to be a work of literature, and should be detailed enough so that people know what to expect from your home, but concise enough so that people don’t get bored. We recommend it to be around 200-300 words long and include the following:

What amenities your home has - for example, appliances, technology etc.
Benefits of your home – are you close to local transport? Do you have a quiet neighbourhood? Or anything else you like about your home and surrounding area.
Give an idea of what its like to live in your home – what local attractions are there? What are your favourite things to do in your home?
Details and expectations – are you offering your car for swap? Do you have any pets that need taking care of? Does anything need maintaining in your home, like watering plants etc. (You can always just mention this in discussion however).

And don’t forget for a perfect listing, good spelling, grammar, and full sentences are a must. Go for a warm and inviting tone, the more tempting your home sounds, the more swap requests you’ll receive.


It’s important to list what features your home has so that swappers can find your home more easily using search filters.

More about us

Swapping is about people, so it is important that your profile lets other members know who you are. The more specific you are, the better potential swappers will be able to work out if they can accommodate you and your family. So let them know who’s in your family, how old you all are, and who will be travelling.

It’s good to let some personality shine through your profile, letting others know what you enjoy doing on holiday, what interests you have might initiate some conversation. So for example, if you all love nature, swappers in places of outstanding natural beauty will more likely contact you than those urban dwellers.

The ‘About Us’ section is also a good place to let swappers know some important details. So for example, if you have any physical requirements, pets, preferred locations or timings.

Below are some great examples of how to write you ‘About Us’ section.

Dream Destinations

If you’re looking to travel to somewhere specific, let potential swappers know. The dream destinations section lets other members find you more easily. And if you’re open for anywhere, you can select this option anywhere!


To improve the quality of your swap requests, it is important to have your availability calendar set up. Using the calendar properly means that you can clearly tell other members when your home is available.

How to use the calendar – it’s really simple to set your availability for your home. Any dates can be selected up to two years into the future, which you can set as either Available, Open to offers, or Not available.

Available – Your home is open to offers from members, or you’re planning on going away and are looking for a swap.

Open to offers – You are flexible with your travel plans and are happy to consider offers for this time.

Not available – This may mean that you or another member are already staying in your home during this time.

To set up your calendar, visit the ‘my homes’ section in your profile where you’ll see the blue ‘Set Availability’ button. From there you can set your home as always available, or manually set your dates.

Don’t worry – you can update your availability calendar at any time.


People are not only looking to swap with your home, but with the area in which you live – so its important for you to really sell your location. As well as including photos in your listing, it’s a good idea to recommend places in the “Neighbourhood’ section of your listing.

This doesn’t have to be extremely detailed, just simply list some great places to visit in the categories that we provide – see the example below for an idea. 

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