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The great thing about Love Home Swap is there are many flexible ways to travel. Whether it’s a classic swap, non-simultaneous swap, Points or Instant - our guide below explains all the ways you can travel with us.

In this blog post, you will find out more about our 3 ways to home swap:

1. Classic Swaps

2. Points Swaps

3. Instant Swaps




Classic Swaps

We’ll start with our traditional swapping method, the classic swap. This is where you and another home swapper exchange your homes on the same dates and usually for the same period.

This can either be simultaneous, where you do a direct swap at the same time, or non-simultaneous where you travel to each other’s homes at different times of the year (This is common with seasonal holidays like ski chalets for cross-hemisphere trips).

For this kind of home swap, you will have to agree two sets of dates. One for your travel to stay with them and one set for their stay with you.


Note: Unlike classic and points swaps you won’t be able to request a non-simultaneous swap when you send a request. Instead, you’ll be able to select this by clicking on ‘edit trip details’ in the discussion windows. You’ll then have an option to put in different dates for each swap party.

Benefits of classic swaps:

✔ You know who is in your home well: When you are doing a classic swap, you know your guests well as you're staying in their home too. 

✔ Someone is looking after your home: Whilst you are away on your home swap, you are safe in the comfort of knowing that your home is being taken care of by your guests.


Factors to note on classic swaps:

✔ It may take longer: You may find that a classic swap will take longer to organise as you need an exact match with the other home swapper on dates and destinations.


“We LOVE the Love Home Swap platform. We've completed 12 excellent classic exchanges, so have had wonderful experiences and memories to treasure forever.”

– Greg and Fiona, UK



Points Swaps

Points are Love Home Swap's unique offering to home swapping, allowing you to travel more flexibly while still saving thousands on the cost of accommodation around the world. To give you a better idea of the power of Points, we've summarised what you need to know about the Points system.


What exactly are Points?

Points are an update to the traditional home swap. They allow you to still travel affordably and authentically, but also travel more flexibly than with a traditional classic swap.

We know that you might travel on occasions where you're not home swapping (staying with family or friends for example) or even have second homes which you aren't always using, meaning the property you swap is vacant.

Points allow you to capitalise on this. You can update the calendar on your listing to alert other member's that your home is available during this time. You can then host them at your home in exchange for points, rather than a stay with them during the same period.


These points can then be exchanged with other members to complete a one-way swap wherever and whenever you choose.

Search Points Swaps


Benefits of Points swaps:

✔ Flexible travel: You can use Points to travel anywhere at any time

✔ No need to agree on dates: Simply find a property available when you need to travel. No need to compromise.

✔ Capitalise on your empty home: Make the most of your home when it's empty by hosting members during these periods and to earn Points you can use towards your next Love Home Swap vacation.

✔ Help others live their dream swap: When you get swap requests from members you'd love to host, but from destinations that don't really interest you, thanks to Points you can still host them. If you know you'll be away at a certain time, your guest can use their Points to arrange a one-way swap that allows them to stay with you and for you to stay wherever you'd like.

“Love Home Swap is the most fantastic idea in shared accommodation yet developed. We use it extensively and absolutely love the concept. The Points system has vastly improved the flexibility of the procedure”

– Mark and Jo, Australia



How do I get points?

You'll earn Points any time you agree to have someone stay in your property on a Points trip. Make sure that you're opted into the Points system in your profile so that your property will appear in Points search results.

Then when someone makes an enquiry and you agree the trip with them they'll give you points for the nights that they've booked. The points rate per night range from 50 – 450 which you can set yourself.

How to set your Points value

On top of that you'll also receive bonus points when you become an annual member, to welcome you to the club and get you started on your first Points trip. Standard members receive 200 and Platinum members 500 Bonus Points when they join. Lite members do not receive Bonus Points.

Become a Love Home Swap member


What if I run out of Points or need more?

If you’re short on Points and are not able to host, provide Instant availability, you can always borrow Points to repay later by hosting when it suits you.

You can borrow up to 10,000 points from us (note you can only borrow Points for one trip) starting at £49. You then have two years to repay them by having members stay in your home.

Learn more about Borrow Points



Instant Swaps

Put simply – Instant is an extension of our Points system that allows our members to book swaps instantly and discuss the details with the home-owner later. This is great if members are looking for last-minute swaps or are short on time to organise a trip.


Benefits of Instant swaps:

✔ It’s quick: log into your Love Home Swap account and instantly see all the home swap opportunities waiting for you, no need for discussion

✔ Save time on discussions: Reduce the number of swap requests you send by seeing what members are actively looking for swappers to stay in their home

✔ Get Points instantly: Enter your home’s availability to gain Points instantly, even if a swapper doesn’t end up staying

✔ Explore new swap opportunities: Discover homes and desitnations you never thought of staying in before by browsing Instant availability Find out more on Instant


“Points make it easy to swap as we don’t need to match the location and the time of the trip. Now, they offer Instant Points swaps, which is really convenient when looking for a swap. With this system, we can book a swap quicker and easier than a traditional classic swap”

– The Chung family, Australia Melbourne


How do I book Instant?

You can use your Points to book Instant availability by heading to our search page and filtering by Instant availability.

If you’d like to add Instant availability to your own property, head over to your account or get in touch with a member of the team to find out more.


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