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How to home swap: different ways to swap
Home Swapping Tips

How to home swap: different ways to swap

Ellena Morgan
By Ellena Morgan - 6 minute read

Home swap­ping can be a lot to get your head around when first start­ing out. In this blog post, you’ll find out more about our two sim­ple ways to home swap, Clas­sic Swaps and Points Swaps as well as their ben­e­fits to find the right type of home swap for you.

Classic Swaps

We’ll start with our tra­di­tion­al swap­ping method, the Clas­sic Swap. This is where you and anoth­er home swap­per direct­ly exchange your homes — they stay at yours, and you stay at theirs.

This can either be simul­ta­ne­ous, where you do a direct swap at the same time, or non-simul­ta­ne­ous where you trav­el to each other’s homes at dif­fer­ent times of the year (this is com­mon with sea­son­al hol­i­days like ski chalets for cross-hemi­sphere trips). 

For non-simul­ta­ne­ous Clas­sic Swaps, you will have to agree two sets of dates. One for your trav­el to stay with them, and one set for their stay with you. 

Note: If you would like to request a non-simul­ta­ne­ous Clas­sic Swap you will need to click edit trip details’ in the dis­cus­sion win­dows. You’ll then have an option to put in dif­fer­ent dates for each swap party. 

1920 Classic

Clas­sic Swaps are where both mem­bers stay in eachother’s homes

Ben­e­fits of Clas­sic Swaps:

  • You know who is in your home well: When you are doing a Clas­sic Swap, you get to know your guests well, as you’re stay­ing in their home too. The books on their shelves and the spices in their cup­boards will make you feel like you know a lit­tle more about them!
  • Some­one is look­ing after your home: Whilst you are away on your home swap, you are safe in the com­fort of know­ing that your home is being tak­en care of by your guests. 
  • Like­mind­ed mem­bers can swap prop­er­ties: Fam­i­lies often love this way of trav­el­ling, as by stay­ing in a home that is already equipped for chil­dren, you don’t need to pack as much (and you can align your trips with school hol­i­days!) Like­wise, mem­bers who have sim­i­lar inter­ests — such as those who are swap­ping ski chalets or look­ing for a surf­ing break — may find that every­thing they could pos­si­bly need is already there. From ski pass­es to surf­boards, there are no lim­its to what you can share!

Fac­tors to note on Clas­sic Swaps:

It may take longer to arrange: You may find that a Clas­sic Swap takes you a lit­tle longer to organ­ise, as you need an exact match with the oth­er home swap­per on the destinations.

Points Swaps

Points are Love Home Swap’s unique offer­ing to home swap­ping, allow­ing you to trav­el more flex­i­bly while still sav­ing thou­sands on the cost of accom­mo­da­tion around the world. To give you a bet­ter idea of the pow­er of Points, we’ve sum­marised what you need to know about the Points system.

What exactly are Points?

Points are an update to the tra­di­tion­al home swap. They allow you to trav­el afford­ably and authen­ti­cal­ly, but with more flex­i­bil­i­ty than if you go on a tra­di­tion­al Clas­sic Swap.

We know that you might trav­el on occa­sions where you’re not home swap­ping (stay­ing with fam­i­ly or friends for exam­ple) or even have a sec­ond home which you aren’t always using, mean­ing the prop­er­ty you swap is vacant.

Points allow you to cap­i­talise on this. You can update the cal­en­dar on your list­ing to alert oth­er mem­bers to the fact that your home is avail­able dur­ing these time peri­ods. You can host these mem­bers at your home in exchange for Points, which you can then spend on a one-way swap, wher­ev­er and when­ev­er you choose.

1920 Points

Points allow you to stay in some­one’s home, even if they don’t stay at yours.

Ben­e­fits of Points swaps:

  • Flex­i­ble trav­el: You can use Points to trav­el any­where at any time.
  • No need to agree on dates: Sim­ply find a prop­er­ty avail­able when you need to trav­el. No need to com­pro­mise, as long as the oth­er mem­ber can host you at this time.
  • Cap­i­talise on your emp­ty home: Make the most of your home when it’s emp­ty by host­ing mem­bers dur­ing these peri­ods to earn Points. You can then use these Points towards your next Love Home Swap vacation.
  • Help oth­ers enjoy their dream vaca­tion: When you get swap requests from mem­bers from des­ti­na­tions that don’t real­ly inter­est you, you can still offer to host them. And in the process, you could bring some­one’s ulti­mate vaca­tion to life!

How do I get Points?

You’ll earn Points any time you agree to have some­one stay in your prop­er­ty on a Points Swap. Make sure that you’re opt­ed into the Points sys­tem in your pro­file so that your prop­er­ty will appear in Points search results.

Then when some­one makes an enquiry and you agree the trip with them, they’ll trans­fer Points for the nights that they’ve booked. The Points rate per night ranges from 40450 Points, which you can set yourself.

How to set your Points value

On top of that you’ll also receive bonus Points when you become an annu­al mem­ber, to wel­come you to the club and get you start­ed on your first Points trip. When you first join us:

  • Lite mem­bers receive 200 Bonus Points.
  • Stan­dard mem­bers receive 500 Bonus Points.
  • Plat­inum mem­bers receive 1,000 Bonus Points.

What if I run out of Points or need more?

If you’re short on Points and are not able to host, you can always bor­row Points to repay lat­er by host­ing when it suits you. This is called a Points Advance.

You can bor­row up to 10,000 points from us (note you can only bor­row Points for one trip) start­ing at £49. You then have two years to repay them by host­ing mem­bers in your home.