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With 100,000+ homes listed, you're not short of options with Love Home Swap - but how can you use the site to search for exactly what you want?

How to search

First things first, let's address the basics. If you have certain destinations in mind, a good place to start will be to search for homes in that area.

If you're on the homepage you'll see a lovely big search bar right in the centre of the page, which you can use to search for that area.

On other pages you can search easily by clicking on 'popular destination' on the grey bar at the top of the page. This will present a drop down with - you guessed it - popular destinations.

If one of these is what you're looking for, fantastic. All you need to do is click on that option. If not, don't fret. By selecting 'view all homes' you'll be taken to the search page. From here you'll be able to use the search bar to find your desired location.

What if I don't know where I want to go?

Don't sweat it. Home swap is often about being flexible and open-minded, so our site is built with this in mind. By clicking on 'popular destinations' then selecting 'view all homes' you'll be presented with our search page.

Don't worry, you won't need to trawl through thousands of pages to find what you're looking for. We have lots of options to help tailor your search.

Who's travelling?

If you know who you're travelling with a good place to start is by narrowing your search to homes that will accommodate you.

Firstly, you'll want to select how many people your home needs to sleep - which is the very first option on the left-hand side list search options. Click 'guests' and select how many people will be in your party.

Other swapper-specific options to help here include the 'kid-friendly' option. Select 'bring the kids' or 'just the grown ups' depending on your preference.

If you're thinking of bringing any four-legged friends, you can also scroll down and check 'pets welcome' under 'additional options. You can also select 'no pets allowed' if needed.

In the mood for...

You might not have a destination in mind, but could have a really clear idea of the kind of break you'd like. So, of course, we have an option for that too.

Sticking to that left-hand side, under 'style' you'll be able to select from a multitude of options from 'rural retreat' to 'city pad' and everything in between.

How do you swap

Love Home Swap offers a few different swap options to members. If you have a certain type in mind, you'll be able to search homes interested in these swaps by, under 'trip type' clicking 'all trip types' which will offer a drop down for you to select 'swap', 'points' or 'rent'.

It's also worth considering the type of home you'll be swapping with. Points or non-simultaneous tend to work best with holiday homes. For classic swaps, it's often easier matching dates with a 'main home' - as only one family tends to be staying there.

Some extra assurance

If you're looking for a more experienced swapper under the 'reviews' section, you'll be able to select 'homes with reviews'. This means you only see homes that other members have written reviews for.


Travelling on business and need wi-fi? Or maybe you just really, really want a pool of your own. Whichever you need, there's an option for it.

Under features, you'll be able to select multiple of features to make your stay as perfect as possible

Getting the right kind of swappers

Our last tip is also, quite possible, our best.

Swapping is all about making a match - so you not only need to find someone who's right for you, but that you are right for.

To help with this, there's a handy search option called 'people who want to visit where I am'. This option will filter your search to those who would like to visit the country you live in.

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