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Now that you’ve created the perfect property listing, it’s time to get looking for your perfect swap. With so many homes listed on-site, you’re not short on options or destinations. In this article, we'll focus on how to find the perfect swap for you, including how to search and using filters.

How to Search for home swaps

First things first, we’ll start with how to search for homes from the homepage. If you have a destination in mind, you can use the search bar to look for homes in that area. If you’re not sure on where you want to go, you can always browse homes through the ‘Popular Destinations’ tab, or similarly though ‘Search Homes’.

Popular destinations is useful for when you are not sure where you are wanting to home swap to. You can discover popular destinations by country and the cities and /or areas within them, from Australia to the United States.


Refining your search

Once you have searched for your chosen desitnation you can get more specific. The homes that will show up to start with will be our ‘Featured homes’ – meaning that these are the homes that have been selected by us for reasons such as being the fastest responders, high quality etc. You can change this however by selecting the drop down menu under ‘Filter By’, and you have the following options:

Featured – our specialy selected properties
Most Recent – homes that have been recently added to site
Points: Highest – homes will be filtered from those with the highest points per night to the lowest.
Points: Lowest - homes will be filtered from those with the lowest points per night to the highest.

Similarly, you can also use our filters to narrow down the search results. A good place to start will be by the number of guests that will be travelling and the type of trip you’d like to take (A classic swap or using Points and Instant).

If you’re super specific about where you want to go, or the type of home you’d like to stay in, you can even search by neighbourhoods within cities i.e you want to swap for New York City, but know you want to stay in the area of Williamsburg in the suburb Brooklyn. You can make your search as wide or as narrow as you'd like. 

If you’d like to add more detail to your search, we’ve included an expandable filter that includes:

Type of home – main home or a vacation home
Kid friendly – choose between ‘bring the kids’ or ‘just for grown ups’
Homes with reviews only - This is great for first time home swappers looking for experienced hosts
People looking where I am only - a great way to discover unexpected travel opportunities
Pets welcome only - great for swappers who travel with their pets
Home style –  search by the type of home you are looking or - is it a city pad, a ski chalet, rural retreat, by the sea?
Property features - perfect if you have some essentials when it comes to travelling i.e. WiFi, wheelchair friendly, parking etc.

We have lots of filters on offer so don't forget you can see more by selecting the 'More' drop down on the right-hand side of the filter search (circled below).

Once you are done, simply click the 'Apply' button to show your new results. 

Search results

Once you’ve refined your search, you will see the results of the homes that match your criteria. From here, you can either choose to browse homes using our grid view displayed on the right hand side and explore using our map feature.


List view

Here you can see all the main details of the property as a glance; the property description, how many it sleeps, average Points value and how many reviews the home has.

This is a great way to search if you love looking and getting a feel of a home before finding out its exact location.


Map view

This feature allows you to browse where Love Home Swap has member homes in your desired destination. Homes are displays as pins. If you like the look of a home’s location, simply click the property pin drop and a thumbnail of the property will display.

This way of searching is great if you’re looking for a specific area in particular.


Found a match?

If you’ve found somewhere you like the look at, you can save it to your favourites. You can do this by clicking the heart icon in the bottom right hand corner of the property image. This adds the property to you shortlist, found in My Account section of your profile.

The Next Step

Once you're ready to, it’s time to get messaging your fellow swappers. Unsure on how to approach someone? Don’t worry – you can read our guide to messaging members here

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