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Now that you’ve created the perfect listing, it’s time to get looking for your perfect swap. With so many homes listed on site, you’re not short on options or destinations, but how can you use our site to find exactly what you want… well we’ll explain below. 

How to Search

First things first we’ll start with how to search for homes from the homepage. If you have a destination in mind, you can use the search bar to look for homes in that area. If you’re not sure on where you want to go however, you can always browse homes through the ‘Popular Destinations’ tab, or similarly though ‘View Homes’.

If for example you wanted to travel to Bali, typing this into the search bar will bring up the following:  

From here you can get more specific. The homes that will show up to start with will be our ‘Editor’s Picks’ – meaning that these are the homes that have been selected by us for reasons such as being the fastest responders, etc. You can change this however by selecting the drop down menu under ‘Filter By’, and you have the following options:

Most Popular – the most popular homes in this area
Most Recent – homes that have been recently added to site
Points: Highest – homes will be filtered from those with the highest points per night to the lowest.
Points: Lowest - homes will be filtered from those with the lowest points per night to the highest.
All Results – this will display all homes.

Similarly, you can also use our filters to narrow down the search results. A good place to start will be by the number of guests that will be travelling and the type of trip you’d like to take (A direct swap or Points trip).

If you’re super specific about where you want to go, or the type of home you’d like to stay in, you can even search by neighbourhood, home ‘style’ and features.

If you’re looking for an experienced host, you can even search for homes that only have reviews, those that have the highest levels or engagement or the type of membership that they have.

There are other options too, such as only displaying homes from members who want to travel to your location, or if pets are allowed etc.

Search Results

There are also three ways you can view your search results the default is the list format. There are two other options however, the grid and the map. If you want to travel to a specific area, we’d recommend search using the map.  

Default List View

Grid View

Map View

Search & Match

We have recently introduced a new feature to make searching for your perfect swap even more easier. ‘Search & Match’ allows you to be super specific about where you want to go and the type of home you want.

To get started, head to From here you’ll see a brand new search layout.

The most exciting feature about this is it allows you to be more flexible about the time you’d like to travel. You can now specify how long you’d like to travel and around what time of year.

Found a match?

If you’ve found somewhere you like the look at, you can save it to your favourites. You can do this by clicking the heart icon in the top right hand corner of the property image. This adds the property to you shortlist, found in the ‘My matches’ section of your profile.

Through the ‘My Matches’ section you can also view homes through the ‘Personal trip finder’ which displays your latest matches. Similarly, you can reach out to members who have taken an interest in your property by clicking on ‘Recently viewed you’.

The Next Step

Once your ready to, it’s time to get messaging your fellow swappers. Unsure on how to approach someone? Don’t worry – our next ‘How To’ guide has you covered… 

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