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Making travel more personal is what we're all about - so if you're looking to make your guest's trip extra special (and we hope you are) look no further...

Attention to detail

Somethings the littlest things can mean the most, like making sure your guests can find things easily or that you've clearly marked out items you know they'll be needing.

For this purpose writing a home guide is an invaluable resource.

Start small

Making your guest's trip personal doesn't have to be a lavish affair.

Something as simple as getting into your kitchen and seeing a couple of mugs on the table and a packet of tea or coffee with a note to say 'milk's in the fridge' can do wonders after a long or difficult journey.

For many members a welcome bottle of wine is also a standard procedure.

Do your research, so they don't have to

No one knows your area like you do... Okay, except for you neighbours.

The point remains though, you have a lot of valuable knowledge about your local area that your guest would probably love to hear.

Pre-swap, try your best to gauge their interests and find local activities you think they'd love, then leave them with all the information on the what, where and why in your home guide.


By the time you get to vacation time, chances are you'll have acquired a fair bit of knowledge about your soon-to-be guests - which you can use to make their trip extra special, by anticipating their needs.

For example, if you know they're travelling with young children, you can make sure your own children's toys are out and available for them, or even perhaps get a couple of toys for them to enjoy if you don't have children at home.

If you know they're travelling with hopes of seeing a certain attraction or enjoying a certain element of your country, help them make that happen by providing recommendations, maps, leaflets or any insider knowledge you have.

A great greeting

If possible, it's amazing to meet your swappers yourself, but if your travel dates are both the same, this isn't always possible.

Instead, why not have a friend or family member meet them, to personally hand them the keys to their new home?

We always recommend you provide a local contact for your guests anyway, so if they're happy to deliver the keys, welcome your guest and maybe help them settle in, it's a lovely, personal touch.

You wouldn't get that in a hotel.

Communicate, commemorate

Pre-swap we really recommend talking about your reasons for travelling and why your guest specifically wants to visit your area.

This provides you with an excellent opportunity to make your guest's stay with you extra special - especially if they're travelling for a special occasion.

If you know they're celebrating a birthday, anniversary or even a family reunion, consider leaving a little something to help them celebrate. Even just a bottle of fizz and a card will go a long way.


Don't forget to say thank you

A special trip doesn't have to end when you step on the plane home. Carry on the good feelings from your trip by letting your host how much you enjoyed staying with them.

Once your trip is complete you can review their home on Love Home Swap (heads to 'my account' and it'll be waiting on the right-hand side for you).

To make things extra personal, make a note of their address and send them a thank you card - perhaps of something specific to your local area, so they have a memento of their own trip.

A few ideas...

- Gift basket for a romantic anniversary

- Cupboards stocked with local treats

- First night dinner reservation at your favourite restaurant

- Nice toiletry kits with luxury products

- Homemade food left in the fridge

- A friend to pick them up from the airport

- Towels folded into fun shapes on the bed

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