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In the final part of our 12 part 'How to Home Swap' series, we'll talk you through what you should consider after your swap is over.

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Deal with the damage

If you took out a security deposit or are a Traveller+ member - as soon as you're home you'll want to double-check for any damages to your property and report them to Love Home Swap as soon as possible.

Don't know what we're talking about? Read more about Traveller+ and security deposits here.


Check in

If you're completing a classic swap or you were hosting, it's nice to check in with your fellow swappers to make sure they got home safely and ensure they're happy with how you left their home and Vice Versa.



Our community is fuelled by feedback and we're proud to say that so far the average review on Love Home Swap is for 4.8 stars. Not bad, eh?

We'd like to keep this going and it's also incredibly beneficial for your fellow swapper - reviewed homes get more requests than non-reviewed homes.

You'll be able to review your stay after your swap is complete. In 'my account' you'll have a notification on the right-hand side which will allow you to leave your review.



If you want to keep the personal, unique element of you and your host/guest's trip alive. Why not send them a thank you card?

For other tips on how to make your swap extra special, check out our guide.


Get started on the next

Okay, this one might not be a must, but it's never too soon to get working on a swap and we know that home swappers travel more than the not-yet-home-swap-converts thanks to those incredible savings.

So before those feet get itchy again, start preparing for your next dream trip.



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