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Trust and safety are a central part of home swapping with Love Home Swap, so in this 'How to Home Swap' guide, we'll talk you through all the ways to have a safe home swapping experience, prepare for your travel and how to protect yourself during your trip. 

1. Stay secure and keep your conversations onsite

Love Home Swap has on on-site messaging service designed to allow members to discuss exchanges safely without having to disclose personal details like phone numbers and email addresses.

Not only is this safer for you, it also means that our customer services team are able to trace back your conversations in case there are any issues during your home swap.

Most personal information will be automatically blocked by our safety system, however we still recommend you to not share:

- Your full name
- Your address (your rough location will be displayed on our map feature)
- Your email address
- Your mobile or home phone number



2. Make your profile personal

When searching for swaps, it’s important to let other members know who you are. It’s important to be honest on your profile, whilst providing some personality to your listing. This not only saves you time, but it means everyone is aware of expectations.


3. Ask for verification

Trust is essential for any home swapping success, so taking steps to build that trust will help both you and your fellow home swappers, which is why we offer an ID verification service. All standard and platinum members of Love Home Swap have free verification as part of their membership package.

This involves obtaining with one valid photo ID, and one recent utility bill and we’ll verify you – meaning you will receive a little icon on your Love Home Swap profile. If the member you are currently in discussing with doesn’t have this verification icon, you can suggest to them obtaining it if this makes you feel more comfortable home swapping with them.

This not only looks great for your profile, but gives potential swappers that extra bit of reassurance. If you're interested in getting your verification badge set up, you can get in touch here


4. Speak to a member of the team, we’re here to help

Home swapping is an amazing way to holiday, but it can be unnerving for those who are new to this way of travelling.

We have a customer services team on hand 7 days a week, 365 days a year. If you have any doubts that a home on the site is not genuine, or feel unsure of whether to agree a swap – we’re hear to help. You can give us a call during our working hours (9-6pm GMT) or send us an email.


5. Don’t be afraid to say no

Sometimes it’s ok to say no when organising an exchange. If you have started talking to a member or they have enquired with you, it’s important that you feel safe hosting that member. If your swap partner is not providing enough information from their profile for you to make a fully informed decision, you can get in touch with our customer services team or ask the member to provide further information.

If you have viewed their profile and don’t think it’s the right fit, then you can politely decline their swap. We always recommend declining as soon as possible once you know you do not want to swap with a member to help them find a swap as quickly as possible (it’s ok to say no, but it’s not ok to leave members waiting.)


6. New to home swapping? Exchange with someone experienced

If you’re new to home swapping, the first time taking part in an exchange can be nerve-wracking. For your first swap it may be worth searching for someone who is a more experienced swapper and knows what they’re doing. This takes the stress off you a bit and means your first swap will go as smooth as possible. You can see the a member's reviews by clicking on their profile below their property images.


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