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Trust and safety are central to home swapping, so in this 'How to Home Swap' guide, we'll talk you through all the ways we protect you from the worst case scenario and how you can help to protect yourself.

ID Authentication

Trust is essential for any home swapping success, so taking steps to build that trust will help both you and your fellow swappers, which is why we offer an ID verification service.

All you have to do is supply us with one valid photo ID, and one recent utility bill and we’ll verify you – meaning you’ll get the lovely little icon on your Love Home Swap profile. This not only looks great for your profile, but gives potential swappers that extra bit of reassurance.

To find out more, contact our team here.


For extra peace of mind, we now offer a unique trip protection package for our members. From just £48, you can be covered throughout the year. So, what’s included?

Travel Protection

If your host cancels the trip, you won't have to. We'll find you an alternative place to stay or cover your travel costs

Learn more

Damage Protection

Relax. You’re covered in case of any accidental damage caused in another member’s home

Learn more

Travel Perks

Enjoy exclusive perks, including hand picked travel offers and 5* telephone concierge service

Learn more

Other Tips

- Let everyone know who you are. Your ‘About Us’ section goes a long way in building trust. If you need help writing a great bio, take a look at our other home swap guide here.
- Be honest. Getting the important stuff out the way before you agree any swap helps. Being honest and straightforward not only saves you time, but means everyone is well aware you each other’s expectations.
- We’re always here to help – our customer service team are always on hand to assist, so get in touch with us if you need any help. 

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