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Here we explain the different swap options open to Love Home Swap members - from Direct to Points Swaps


So to start with the basics your first and most obvious home swap option will be a classic or traditional swap.

This is where you and your fellow swapper exchange your homes on the same dates, usually for the same period.

With classic swaps your biggest challenge is likely going to be matching dates, as you'll both be traveling at the same time. For local or short-haul swaps this often isn't much of a barrier, but when crossing hemispheres it can become a little more difficult.



For when a classic swap just won't do you can arrange a non-simultaneous swap.

As the name suggests, this is where you exchange homes, but at separate times, so for this you'll have to agree two sets of dates. One for your travel to stay with them and one set for their stay with you - typically both dates when you know the home will be completely vacant to accommodate the guest.

These swaps are predicated on the agreement that you will both to stay in each other's home, just not during the same period, making these swaps great for cross-hemisphere trips.

Unlike classic and points swaps (in the video below) you won't be able to request a non-simultaneous swap when you send a request. Instead, if this is required, you'll be able to select this by clicking on 'edit trip details' in the discussion windows. You'll then have an option to put in different dates for each swap party.



Points are an option to enable users to still make and accept swaps even when the other party can't, or doesn't wish to, travel to the other's home.

You can earn points by hosting other members when your home is empty, whether that's because you're staying with family, travelling on business with pre-arranged accommodation or because your home is a vacation property.

Members can stay at your place and instead of returning the favour with a stay at theirs, they can pay you using points, which you can then use to arrange a points trip anywhere else you'd like, at any other time.



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