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We’ve recently made some updates to our Points system to more accurately value your home in comparison to other properties on the site. 

But did you know that you are able to set your own points value for your home? The points value that is first assigned to you is a suggestion by us, however if you'd like to change this you are able to in a few simple steps. 

But first, in case you are confused as to how Points actually work, here's a quick reminder.


What are Points?

Put simply: Points are an update to the traditional home swap. They allow you to still save money and travel authentically but also travel with more flexibility.

We know that you might travel on occasions where you're not home swapping (staying with family or friends for example) or even have second homes which you aren't always using, meaning the property you swap is vacant.

Points allow you to capitalise on this. You can update the calendar on your listing to alert other members that your home is available during this time. You can then host them at your home in exchange for points, rather than a stay with them during the same period. 

These points can then be exchanged with other members to complete a one-way swap wherever and whenever you choose. To find out more about how to do a points swap, you can read more here. 


How to set your home's Points value 

Love Home Swap has a smart way to set a recommended value for your home based on the property's size and location. However, we understand that no one knows your home better than you.

If you wish to change the value of your home, you can simply visiting the My account section in the top right hand corner of the site and click ‘My Homes’. From here, you can edit your listing's points value by clicking the ‘edit details’ button on the right.

By clicking the edit details button on the bottom right you are able to change your property points value.


From here, you will be taken to the screen below. To edit your points value, go to the bottom of the drop down menu and select ‘points’.

Please note that you may be unable to click this feature if you have not opted into points already. To opt for points, please go to 'trip preferences' on the left-hand menu bar and tick the box labelled 'points'. 


If selecting points is not an option, you may need to become a full paying member or active your points. 


This will take you to a page with a breakdown of the Points value of your home. Here, you can see what Love Home Swap has valued your home at as well as what your home is currently valued at. In the below example, you can see that the members' home is currently undervalued according to us (highlighted in red) at 100 points. 



To change your points value, click the drop down menu and select your preferred Points value (you can see that we have recommended that maximum of 300 points.) 



Once selected, don't forget to click 'Update 'Details' button in the bottom right. And that's it! All done and ready to start swapping. When other members visit your property listing, they will be able to see your Points value on the bottom right of your listing (see below).






Got further questions regarding points? Check out our FAQs page for more information
Still need a hand? Get in touch with our team and we'll be happy to help.

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