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Your calendar is an important tool in letting other home swappers know if your home is available to home swap. In this guide, we’ll explain how to update your calendar for Classic, Points and Instant home swaps.  

How to update your calendar


Step 1: Head to your account and select my homes from the drop-down options


Step 2: Select the home you would like to update. Your home must be set to Active onsite in order to update your calendar

 Here you can choose between a classic calendar (which covers your availability for swap requests for Classic or Points swaps) and then if you have opted into Instant swaps, a way for other members to reserve your home instantly, you can also update your Instant calendar.


Updating your Classic calendar


Step 1: Select Classic calendar option on your property listing. Your home must be active on our platform in order to update your calendar


Step 2: Choose the dates that you would like to make available. You can do this by clicking into the boxes starting with ‘Date From’ and finishing on ‘Date to’

Step 3: From here, select from the dropdown menu called ‘Set as’ and choose 'Available'. This will turn the timeframe green and show as available in your calendar 

Step 4: Click the ‘Add’ button so your date will be saved


You can continue to add other availability, but you can also add when your home is unavailable. This is important for letting members know when your home is not available i.e., you’re busy renovating your home or you already have guests visiting on those dates.

To do this, you simply follow the same steps as above, but instead of setting the dates as available, you set as unavailable. These will appear clearly red on your calendar.


Updating your Instant calendar


If you have chosen to opt your home in for Instant swaps, you can also choose to update your Instant calendar.

Instant calendar slots are availability that other members can reserve as a non-reciprocal Points swap, with no need for discussion first. This is perfect for times where you know your home is available to guests and is very popular for second homeowners and vacation homeowners.  

You can tell if your home has already opted into Instant if the Instant symbol appears blue and not grey on your property listing. If you are interested in getting started with Instant, you can get started here.


Step 1: Click Instant calendar to add your dates. Please note that these are instantly bookable, so please ensure that your home in available for guests to stay


Step 2: You should now see a separate window for your Instant calendar. To select dates, click on the dates you would like to add on the calendar view on the left-hand side


Step 3:  Once you have selected your dates, they should appear green on the calendar. The details of the dates you have selected will appear on the right-hand side, including the number of Points you will be rewarded. 

Make sure to review that you are happy with these dates, as once selected these will be bookable.

If you need to need to amend dates you have added to Instant calendar, please get in touch with our customer services team.


Still need help with our calendar feature? Get in touch with our team today, we’d be happy to help.


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